The Indiana General Assembly website has been updated and refreshed, and some exciting new search functions are now available! Documents available on our previous website are still here. Below are some details to help public users begin to navigate to the information most often used.


What do I do if I get lost while searching the website?

Click the General Assembly seal or title at the upper left part of the screen, and you will return to the home page.


How do I find my legislators?

Open the Information box at the top of the screen, and select the Contact Your Legislator or the Senate or House District Map menu item. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, either the Legislators or the general Search tab will provide results too.

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How do I find bills?

Bills can be searched using the Legislation box at the top of the screen. They may be searched by bill number, keyword, legislator, or subject. A search using the Bills tab or the Search tab in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will also provide results. Note that the general Search tab may bring up bills with similar numbers from prior legislative sessions.

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How do I search the Indiana Code?

The Indiana Code can be searched by using the Search tab at the top right of the screen. Select the Code tab to fill in the Title, Article, Chapter, or Section you wish to search. Click on the magnifying glass image to execute the search. There is a keyword search also. The Indiana Code also can be searched under the Laws box at the top of the screen. Clicking on Indiana Code provides two drop down boxes to select the Title and Article of the code to be viewed and will automatically load the selection in a viewer. Once a Title and Article are selected, individual chapters will be available on the left side for selection. The pdf documents are searchable once loaded in the viewer by clicking the magnifying glass on the top left bar above the document.

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How do I find committees?

Committees are organized in the Committees box. The names of all committees may be viewed by clicking on All, or the list of committees may be narrowed by clicking on the type of committee. Using the Search tab in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will also work. If you know the name of a member of the committee, try a legislator search. When you get to the individual legislator’s page, a list of committees will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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What are Upcoming Meetings?

The Upcoming Meetings panel displays a list of all committee meetings scheduled for the selected day. Click on a committee name to view more information about the bills being heard that day.

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Can I view committee packets?

One of the exciting new features is the ability to view committee packets, including the bill draft and the fiscal note. After navigating to the individual committee page in the Committees section, locate the Agenda Date accordion in the main area of the page, expand the agenda, and select the Open Packet button. This will bring you to the bill packet page for this meeting. Selecting a bill or resolution in the sidebar on the left will open two documents side-by-side in the document viewer.

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How does live streaming video work?

Live streaming for each chamber and committee meetings is only active when a meeting is scheduled and in progress. Live streaming can be accessed by clicking the Watch Live button on the right side of the page. Live streams are also available by selecting an active Camera icon in the Upcoming Meetings panel.

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How do I find bills or information from prior sessions (Archives)?

All legislative documents from prior sessions and interims (1997-2013) will be accessible from the Archive Section on the bottom right of the home page. Until the data migration is complete you will be directed to the archive pages of the old website.

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