Enrolled House Bill (H)
Authored by: Rep. William Friend
Co-Authors: Rep. Eric Allan Koch, Rep. Kreg Battles
Sponsors: Sen. James Merritt, Sen. Ed Charbonneau
  • Rep. William Friend
    Rep. William Friend


  • Rep. Eric Allan Koch
    Rep. Eric Allan Koch


  • Rep. Kreg Battles
    Rep. Kreg Battles


  • Sen. James Merritt
    Sen. James Merritt


  • Sen. Ed Charbonneau
    Sen. Ed Charbonneau


  • Sen. Lonnie Randolph
    Sen. Lonnie Randolph



Infrastructure improvement costs. Provides that a public utility that provides water or wastewater service may petition the utility regulatory commission for an adjustment of its basic rates and charges to allow for recovery of eligible infrastructure improvement costs. (Current law provides that only a public utility that provides water service may apply for a distribution system improvement charge.) Requires a public utility to annually reconcile the difference between its utility rate improvement adjustment revenues and infrastructure improvement costs. Repeals definitions related to distribution system improvement charges. Makes conforming amendments.