Enrolled House Bill (H)
Authored by: Rep. Dale DeVon
Co-Authors: Rep. Robert Heaton, Rep. Richard Hamm, Rep. Terri Jo Austin
Sponsors: Sen. Travis Holdman
  • Rep. Dale DeVon
    Rep. Dale DeVon


  • Rep. Robert Heaton
    Rep. Robert Heaton


  • Rep. Richard Hamm
    Rep. Richard Hamm


  • Rep. Terri Jo Austin
    Rep. Terri Jo Austin


  • Sen. Travis Holdman
    Sen. Travis Holdman


  • Sen. Frank Mrvan
    Sen. Frank Mrvan



Title insurance. Requires the department of insurance (department) to create a title insurance consumer comparison tool (tool). Provides: (1) that the filed rates of all insurers that issue title insurance policies in Indiana will be included on the tool; (2) that the information on the tool shall be designed to allow an average consumer of ordinary intelligence to compare and differentiate between substantially similar title insurance rates offered by title insurers; (3) that the tool must be made available to the public free of charge on the department's Internet web site by September 1, 2014; and (4) that, after that date, when ... an insurer makes a new, approved filing, the department shall make the insurer's rates available on the tool not more than 10 business days after the insurer's application is stamped "filed" by the department.