Engrossed Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. Ed Charbonneau, Sen. Douglas Eckerty, Sen. Lonnie Randolph
Sponsors: Rep. David Wolkins
  • Sen. Ed Charbonneau
    Sen. Ed Charbonneau


  • Sen. Douglas Eckerty
    Sen. Douglas Eckerty


  • Sen. Lonnie Randolph
    Sen. Lonnie Randolph


  • Rep. David Wolkins
    Rep. David Wolkins


  • Rep. Robert Morris
    Rep. Robert Morris



Transfer of sewage system regulatory authority. Provides for the transfer from the state department of health (ISDH) to the department of environmental management (IDEM) of the authority for regulating residential onsite sewage systems, commercial onsite sewage systems, and sewage disposal systems of mobile home communities that employ septic tank absorption fields. Provides that the transfer of authority shall take place: (1) as soon as reasonably possible, consistent with the goal of avoiding undue disruption for persons and entities affected by or involved in the regulatory activity; but (2) in no event later than July 1, 2015. Requires the environmental rules board to adopt rules concerning the ... regulation of residential and commercial onsite sewage systems and sewage disposal systems of mobile home communities, but provides that the rules of the state department of health continue to apply until the rules of the environmental rules board take effect. Requires ISDH and IDEM to report to the environmental quality service council during the 2014 legislative interim on the progress in transferring the regulatory authority from ISDH to IDEM. Requires the legislative services agency to prepare legislation for introduction in the 2015 legislative session to make changes in statutes that are necessary or appropriate because of the transfer of regulatory authority.