Enrolled Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. R Michael Young, Sen. James Buck, Sen. Karen Tallian
Sponsors: Rep. David Frizzell
  • Sen. R Michael Young
    Sen. R Michael Young


  • Sen. James Buck
    Sen. James Buck


  • Sen. Karen Tallian
    Sen. Karen Tallian


  • Rep. David Frizzell
    Rep. David Frizzell


  • Rep. Gregory Porter
    Rep. Gregory Porter



Lump sum payment of ASA contributions. Provides that contributions posted to a public employees' retirement fund (PERF) or teachers' retirement fund (TRF) member's annuity savings account (ASA) after the final date on which the PERF or TRF member's retirement benefit is processed may be distributed to the member as determined by the rules of the board of trustees (board) of the Indiana public retirement system. Removes a requirement that these contributions be paid as a lump sum. Requires the board to obtain the member's consent to the form of the distribution if the amount exceeds $1,000.