Enrolled Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. Greg Walker, Sen. Joseph Zakas
Sponsors: Rep. Robert Heaton
  • Sen. Greg Walker
    Sen. Greg Walker


  • Sen. Joseph Zakas
    Sen. Joseph Zakas


  • Rep. Robert Heaton
    Rep. Robert Heaton


  • Rep. John Price
    Rep. John Price



Unclaimed property. Allows the attorney general to withhold from disclosure certain personal information contained in a report or claim for unclaimed property. Requires unclaimed property held in a safe deposit box to be delivered to the attorney general not later than 30 days after the property is reported to the attorney general. (Current law prohibits the property from being delivered to the attorney general until 120 days after the property is reported.) Provides that an owner of interest bearing property is entitled to receive interest that accrues after the date the property is delivered to the attorney general. Corrects an internal reference.