Enrolled Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. James Tomes, Sen. R Michael Young
Sponsors: Rep. Jud McMillin
  • Sen. James Tomes
    Sen. James Tomes


  • Sen. R Michael Young
    Sen. R Michael Young


  • Rep. Jud McMillin
    Rep. Jud McMillin



Professions and occupations. Reorganization of certain licensing provisions. Provides for the reorganization of 12 Indiana Code sections containing frequently amended lists of professions and entities subject to professional licensing under IC 25-1. Makes no substantive change. Transfers the lists contained in each of these sections to corresponding chapters in a new IC 25 article. Sets forth the boilerplate language to be used when amending or adding a provision under the new structure. Updates affected internal references and cross-references. Removes obsolete references to entities not licensed by the professional licensing agency. Makes technical corrections. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the ... code revision commission.)