Enrolled Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. Ryan Mishler, Sen. Ed Charbonneau
Co-Authors: Sen. Frank Mrvan
Sponsors: Rep. Jeffrey Thompson
  • Sen. Ryan Mishler
    Sen. Ryan Mishler


  • Sen. Ed Charbonneau
    Sen. Ed Charbonneau


  • Sen. Frank Mrvan
    Sen. Frank Mrvan


  • Rep. Jeffrey Thompson
    Rep. Jeffrey Thompson



Complexity index calculation. Provides that the following apply in the case of a school corporation that does not request reimbursement from the state for providing free curricular materials to students: (1) The complexity index used in determining state funding is based on the percentage of the school corporation's students who were eligible to receive free curricular materials. (Under current law, the complexity index is based on the number of students receiving such assistance.) (2) The school corporation shall estimate and report to the department of education the percentage of the school corporation's students who are enrolled in the school corporation and are eligible ... for such assistance. Authorizes the state board of education to adopt emergency rules to implement this provision.