Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. Pete Miller, Sen. Ed Charbonneau, Sen. Ryan Mishler
Co-Authors: Sen. Mark Stoops
Sponsors: Rep. David Frizzell
  • Sen. Pete Miller
    Sen. Pete Miller


  • Sen. Ed Charbonneau
    Sen. Ed Charbonneau


  • Sen. Ryan Mishler
    Sen. Ryan Mishler


  • Sen. Mark Stoops
    Sen. Mark Stoops


  • Rep. David Frizzell
    Rep. David Frizzell



State department of health issues. Repeals the law concerning the health care facility advisory council. Transfers certain duties of the council to the state department of health. Changes the amount of time from four years after birth to six months after birth that a birth certificate presented for filing is considered a delayed certificate of birth. Requires a diagnosis of autism at any age to be reported to the birth problems registry. (Current law provides for the reporting of an autism diagnosis made before a child's fifth birthday). States that the state department of health does not have to: (1) report certain information to the ... federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; (2) confirm an individual's diagnosis; or (3) provide certain verbal information; concerning an individual who is at least eight years of age and diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Adds certain visual impairments to the definition of birth problems for purposes of reporting to the birth problems registry. Allows not more than 50% of the monies in the spinal cord and brain injury fund to be used to develop a statewide trauma system. Makes conforming changes.