Enrolled Senate Bill (S)
Authored by: Sen. R Michael Young, Sen. Michael Delph
Co-Authors: Sen. Lonnie Randolph
Sponsors: Rep. Jud McMillin
  • Sen. R Michael Young
    Sen. R Michael Young


  • Sen. Michael Delph
    Sen. Michael Delph


  • Sen. Lonnie Randolph
    Sen. Lonnie Randolph


  • Rep. Jud McMillin
    Rep. Jud McMillin


  • Rep. Gregory Steuerwald
    Rep. Gregory Steuerwald



Nonsupport of a child. Changes the penalty enhancement for nonsupport of a child from a Level 6 felony to a Level 5 felony if the person has a previous conviction for the offense. Changes the procedure for a court to lower the penalty for a person convicted of nonsupport of a child. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the criminal law and sentencing policy study committee.)