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Name Description Status
SB 366 Township small claims courts and garnishments. (H) First Reading: Referred to Judiciary 366
SB 21 Vanderburgh circuit court magistrate. (S) Committee report: do pass, adopted. 21
HB 1178 Restricted addresses of judges. (H) Signed by the Governor 1178
HB 1296 1977 judges' retirement system survivor benefits. (H) First Reading: Referred to Employment, Labor and Pensions 1296
SB 109 Supreme court justices and court of appeals judges. (S) Third reading: Failed for lack of constitutional majority Roll Call 145: yeas 24 and nays 24 109
SB 3 Judicial officers. (S) Signed by the Governor 3
SB 160 Courts and court officers. (S) Public Law 23 160
SB 60 Representation of judges in mandate of funds litigation. (S) Public Law 19 60
SB 150 Judges' and magistrates' pensions. (S) First Reading: Referred to Pensions and Labor 150
SCR 8 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing Judge Robert R. Brown and urging the Indiana Department of Transportation to rename that section of U.S. Highway 50. (H) Returned to Senate 8