RESOLUTIONS, _Individuals Memorialized

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Name Description Status
HR 50 Memorializing Andrew Jacobs, Jr. for his contributions to Indiana. (H) First reading: adopted voice vote
HR 59 Memorializing Marjorie "Margie" Frances Nackenhorst. (H) First reading: adopted voice vote
HCR 27 Memorializing the lives of Krystle Lauren Dikes and Rachelle Godfread and honoring Corporal Cody Skipper and Corporal Jason Tripp of the Elkhart Police Department. (S) First reading: adopted Stand
SCR 8 Memorializing Judge Robert R. Brown and urging the Indiana Department of Transportation to rename that section of U.S. Highway 50. (H) Returned to Senate
SCR 11 Memorializing Frank Ono and urging INDOT to name an overpass in Hamlet for him. (H) Returned to the Senate
SR 10 Memorializing John C. McLane. longtime civil servant and political leader.. (S) First reading: adopted standing vote