RESOLUTIONS, United States Government

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Name Description Status
SCR 3 Petitioning the United States Department of Transportation to hold hearings on the placement of the entire state of Indiana in the Central Time Zone. (S) First Reading: Referred to Rules and Legislative Procedure
HCR 13 Supporting an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to provide that corporations are not "people" and money is not "speech". (H) Assigned to Judiciary
HCR 44 Concerning the United States Environmental Protection Agency's proposed greenhouse gas emission standards for new coal fueled power plants. (H) Reassigned to Environmental Affairs
SCR 10 Urging Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom amendment to the United States Constitution. (H) Returned to the Senate
SR 12 Recognizing the value of a Presidential Youth Council. (S) Authored by Senator Hershman.
SCR 9 Recognizing the value of a Presidential Youth Council. (H) Returned to the Senate