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Name Description Status
SB 53 Municipal utilities. (S) Signed by the Governor 53
SB 96 Utility system improvement program. (S) Committee report: do pass; reassigned to Utilities 96
SB 302 Nuclear energy projects. (S) First Reading: Referred to Utilities 302
SB 333 Underground utility plant protection. (S) First Reading: Referred to Utilities 333
SB 340 Demand side management programs. (S) Became law without the Governors signature 340
SB 358 Municipal utility contracts. (S) First Reading: Referred to Environmental Affairs 358
SB 367 Various tax matters. (S) Public Law 166 367
SB 405 Underground utility facilities. (S) Signed by the Governor 405
HB 1132 Infrastructure improvement costs. (H) Public Law 209 1132
HB 1162 Certificates of need for utilities. (H) Public Law 210 1162
HB 1176 Liens by municipally owned water utilities. (H) First Reading: Referred to Judiciary 1176
HB 1334 Private fire extinguishing resources. (S) First Reading: Referred to Utilities 1334
HB 1374 Feed-in tariff for renewable energy facilities. (H) First Reading: Referred to Utilities and Energy 1374
HB 1409 Infrastructure acquisition agreements. (H) First Reading: Referred to Utilities and Energy 1409
HB 1423 Allows the owner of a private generation project to sell excess electric output generated by the project to an electric utility. (H) Signed by the Governor 1423