Release Date:
Feb. 27, 2014, 6:30 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 118th General Assembly Caroline M Spotts
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 01:00 March 03, 2014
Bill name Bill description Authors
SB 1 State and local taxation. Brown, Turner
SB 4 Natural resources matters. Frye, Heaton
SB 52 Natural resources criminal penalties. Eberhart, McMillin
SB 59 Guardian filing for dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or annulment. Mayfield
SB 111 Soil productivity ratings. Lehe, Cherry
SB 118 Redevelopment commissions and authorities. Brown, Braun
SB 143 School debt restructuring. Thompson
SB 159 Charter schools. Brown, Huston
SB 173 CHOICE program; nursing facility moratorium. Brown, Clere
SB 176 Central Indiana transit. Torr, Kirchhofer
SB 179 Various agricultural matters. Clere, Lehe
SB 180 Veteran matters. Zent, Carbaugh
SB 205 Charter schools. Huston
SB 222 Student athlete concussions. Arnold, VanDenburgh
SB 225 Various state and local financial matters. Brown, Goodin
SB 229 Firearm matters. Eberhart, Lucas
SB 249 Transfers of real property. VanNatter
SB 273 Approval of annexation agreements. Cherry, VanNatter
SB 284 Various education matters. Rhoads, Thompson
SB 292 Abortion providers. Washburne, Rhoads
SB 312 Assignment of lottery prizes. McMillin, DeLaney
SB 332 State and local investments. Messmer, GiaQuinta
SB 338 State board of accounts. Turner, VanNatter
SB 343 Law enforcement training and emergency services. Cox, Lawson
SB 344 School building safety. Behning, Battles
SB 349 Telephone solicitations. Huston, Smith
SB 354 Hoosier women veterans program. Hamm, Saunders
SB 357 Industrial hemp and transportation fuel. Clere, Lehe
SB 363 Complexity index calculation. Thompson
SB 367 Various tax matters. Turner, Brown
SB 377 Various business entity matters. Smaltz
SB 397 Medicaid reimbursement for wheelchairs for children. Eberhart, Ziemke
SB 406 Health and human services matters. Clere, Brown
SB 408 Neonatal abstinence syndrome. Kubacki, Riecken
SB 420 Property tax deadlines and procedures. Smith, Pryor
SB 421 Professional licensing matters. McMillin, Rhoads
SB 422 Abandoned housing. Clere, Moed
SJR 9 Right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife. Messmer, VanNatter
SCR 8 Memorializing Judge Robert R. Brown and urging the Indiana Department of Transportation to rename that section of U.S. Highway 50. Koch, Goodin
SCR 11 Memorializing Frank Ono and urging INDOT to name an overpass in Hamlet for him. Dermody, Soliday
SCR 24 Urging INDOT to rename U.S. 20 for Mayor Rudolph "Rudy" Clay. Smith, Brown