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Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services

Committee Information


IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Sept. 25, 2014 10:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 INSPECT Report PDF icon
2 PD 3186 High Cost Health Management Program PDF icon
3 PD 3188 Prescription Eye Drops PDF icon
4 FSSA Presentation - Telehealth and Telemedicine PDF icon
5 Aspire Telemedicine Presentation PDF icon
6 Including All Legend Drugs in INSPECT PDF icon
7 Telemedicine - Bloomington Meadows Hospital PDF icon
8 Telehealth, Telemedicine Final Rule PDF icon
9 Written Comments - Greg Stewart, Wellstone Regional Hospital PDF icon
Agenda for Aug. 28, 2014 10:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
A Medicaid Super Utilizer Presentation PDF icon
B Milliman Data Analysis - Medicaid Super Utilizers PDF icon
C LSA EMS/ Trauma Study Presentation PDF icon
D Eye Drop Doseage Written Comments - Indiana Association of Health Plans PDF icon
E Follow-up Information Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS) PDF icon
F HB1335-2014 PDF icon
Agenda for July 30, 2014 10:00am Room 233
Exhibit Description
A Testimony from Kim Williams PDF icon
B Rick Fiscella PDF icon
C Cathy Robinson First Steps Vision Services Presentation PDF icon
D VIPS Presentation PDF icon
E Letter from Dr. Haider about VIPS PDF icon
F Testimony from Jennie Feinman PDF icon
G Testimony from Jenny Kelly PDF icon
H Testimony from Meredith Howell PDF icon
I Testimony from Rachael Alaniz PDF icon
J Presentation from Kevin Moore, DMHA PDF icon
K Presentation by Dr. Hulvershorn, DMHA PDF icon
L Dean Babcock Testimony PDF icon