Sen. John Broden


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
SB 19 Access to juvenile court records. Authored Bill
SB 27 Petitions for adoption. Authored Bill
SB 53 Municipal utilities. Authored Bill
SB 184 Regulation of accountancy. Authored Bill
SB 251 Animal control and protection. Authored Bill
SB 263 Driving authority permits and learner's permits. Authored Bill
SB 268 Mandatory adoption subsidy payments. Authored Bill
SB 269 Use tax nexus and collection. Authored Bill
SB 287 Food stamp assistance after drug conviction. Authored Bill
SB 341 Eligibility for child care voucher. Authored Bill
SB 342 Eligibility for child care voucher payments. Authored Bill
SB 396 Telecommunications service. Authored Bill
SB 413 Removal of asset limits for TANF and SNAP eligibility. Authored Bill
SB 414 Health facility employee criminal background checks. Authored Bill
SB 423 Driving privileges permits and learner's permits. Authored Bill
SCR 25 Congratulating 1st Source Bank on 150 years of service to the communities of northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. Authored Resolution
SCR 26 Congratulating the Penn High School poms team, state champions. Authored Resolution
SCR 27 Honoring J. Larry Neff for his 40 years as CEO and President of Goodwill Industries of Michiana. Authored Resolution
SCR 47 Congratulating the Penn High School Academic Super Bowl team, state finalists. Authored Resolution
SCR 52 Recognizing IBEW Local 153 on their 100th anniversary. Authored Resolution
SCR 53 Memorializing the life of Stephen J. Johnson. Authored Resolution
SR 20 Congratulating District 11 Softball Team for Little League World Series win. Authored Resolution
SR 21 Congratulating Penn Township Fire Dept. for being ALS Provider of the Year. Authored Resolution
SR 42 Congratulating the Michiana Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee football team on winning the state championship. Authored Resolution
SR 57 Honoring South Bend Police Officer Derek D. Dieter for his years of service. Authored Resolution
SR 66 Recognizing and honoring the services of the Senate Democrat Interns. Authored Resolution
SR 67 Honor the Gibson company for being named one of the 2014 Best Places to Work in Indiana. Authored Resolution
SR 71 Congratulating the Penn High School Academic Spell Bowl team, state champions. Authored Resolution
SR 85 Honoring Senator Lindel Hume upon his retirement from the State Senate. Authored Resolution
SR 87 Congratulating Donna Holloway upon her retirement from the State Senate. Authored Resolution
SB 2 Sales tax exemption for U.S. Co-authored Bill
SB 40 Nonparty immunity. Co-authored Bill
SB 49 Vehicle clearance when overtaking and passing a bicycle. Co-authored Bill
SB 56 Medical malpractice patient's compensation fund. Co-authored Bill
SB 57 Military personnel jury service exemptions. Co-authored Bill
SB 135 Assessed value cap for veteran's deduction. Co-authored Bill
SB 156 Redevelopment commissions. Co-authored Bill
SB 204 Teacher preparation programs. Co-authored Bill
SB 223 Senior and special prosecutors. Co-authored Bill
SB 246 Probate code study commission. Co-authored Bill
SB 276 Music courses in school curriculum. Co-authored Bill
SB 277 Student information. Co-authored Bill
SB 332 State and local investments. Co-authored Bill
SB 405 Underground utility facilities. Co-authored Bill
SCR 11 Memorializing Frank Ono and urging INDOT to name an overpass in Hamlet for him. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 22 Recognizing the twentieth anniversary of the State Partnership Program between the Slovak Republic and the State of Indiana. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 29 Congratulating the Cardinal Ritter High School Raiders football team. Class 2A state champions. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 31 Rcognizing and honoring the Town of New Harmony, Indiana, on the occasion of its bicentennial anniversary. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 38 Recognizing the Indiana State Police Alliance for 40 years of service to law enforcement and the public. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 39 Honoring Winter Olympic bronze medalist and Hoosier native Nick Goepper. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 45 Honoring Dr. Jo Ann Gora, Ball State University president, uoon her retirement. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 50 Honoring the life and accomplishments of Dr. Patrick O'Meara. Co-authored Resolution
SR 5 Recognizing Mary Beth Schneider for a job well-done. Co-authored Resolution
SR 48 Recognizing the importance of all schools and libraries being equipped with high-capacity, high-speed broadband connectivity. Co-authored Resolution
SR 61 Urging the study of the necessity of a wilderness preservation system. Co-authored Resolution
SR 70 Honoring Senator Tom Wyss upon his retirement from the Indiana Senate. Co-authored Resolution
SR 73 Honoring Senator Sue Landske upon her retirement from the Indiana Senate. Co-authored Resolution
SR 78 Honoring Senator Johnny Nugent upon his retirement from the Indiana Senate. Co-authored Resolution
SR 79 Honoring Senator Allen E. Paul upon his retirement from the Indiana Senate. Co-authored Resolution
SR 92 A SENATE RESOLUTION recognizing the Honorable John Waterman for his work in the Indiana State Senate. Co-authored Resolution
SR 93 A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Becki Gomez on the occasion of her retirement. Co-authored Resolution
HB 1233 Background checks by schools. Sponsored Bill
HB 1246 Solid waste collection and disposal contracts. Sponsored Bill
HB 1369 Garnishment of state tax refunds. Sponsored Bill
HB 1003 Economic development. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1035 Regional economic development. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1064 Study of career and technical education programs. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1104 Alternative transportation funding mechanisms. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1139 Hearing aids. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1180 Various commercial vehicle matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1181 Career and technical education centers. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1196 Construction managers as constructors. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1204 Various education and school matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1215 Historic preservation. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1222 Adoption committee and tax credit. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1266 Local government finance issues. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1290 Health of student athletes. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1303 School bus safety. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1319 Education matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1388 Teacher preparation programs. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1391 Community living pilot program. Co-sponsored Bill
HCR 3 Honoring Sammy Lee Davis, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 5 Congratulating the Salem High School marching band on winning the Indiana State School Music Association 2013 Scholastic B State Championship. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 15 Honoring IURC Commissioner Larry S. Landis upon his retirement. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 31 Supporting Taiwan's efforts to secure entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Co-sponsored Resolution