Rep. Sue Errington


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
HB 1021 Protected taxes and school corporations. Authored Bill
HB 1051 Hepatitis C testing and study of needle exchanges. Authored Bill
HB 1185 Medical marijuana defense to possession charge. Authored Bill
HB 1236 HPV education. Authored Bill
HB 1376 School counselors and student services. Authored Bill
HCR 50 Honoring Judge Robert Wilkins upon his confirmation to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Authored Resolution
HR 34 Honoring Michael Brandenburg, a native of Austin, Indiana, upon his successful music career. Authored Resolution
HR 73 Recognizing the Ball State Singers on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their creation. Authored Resolution
HB 1062 Local government finance. Co-authored Bill
HB 1183 Recycling reporting, state goal, and study. Co-authored Bill
HB 1358 Extends the office of minority health until July 1, 2017. Co-authored Bill
HB 1400 Companion animal sterilization program. Co-authored Bill
HCR 1 Memorializing and honoring Representative Phyllis Pond. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 10 Congratulating James Dolan on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 14 Recognizing January 2014 as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 18 Recognizing the FFA and its Indiana state officers. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 25 Recognizing Dennis Patrick Neary on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Co-authored Resolution
HR 16 Urging the legislative council to assign to the appropriate committee the study of the need for, costs, benefits, and impacts of a wilderness preservation system on state public lands. Co-authored Resolution
HR 49 Honoring Nick Goepper for winning the Sochi Olympic bronze medal in slope style skiing. Co-authored Resolution
HR 50 Memorializing Andrew Jacobs, Jr. for his contributions to Indiana. Co-authored Resolution
HR 57 Supporting the recognition of March, 2014 as Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month in support of afflicted Indiana citizens and their loved ones affected by this incurable form of blood cancer. Co-authored Resolution
SB 163 Property taxes. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 330 Better skills for adult learners. Co-sponsored Bill
SCR 45 Honoring Dr. Jo Ann Gora, Ball State University president, uoon her retirement. Co-sponsored Resolution