Release Date:
Feb. 17, 2015, 6:56 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 119th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Thursday Convening Time: 10:00 February 19, 2015
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1006 Criminal justice funding. Steuerwald, McMillin, Pierce, Lawson
HB 1009 View Amendments + Freedom to teach. Behning, Thompson, Smith, Austin
HB 1015 View Amendments + Benefit corporations. Cox, DeLaney, Steuerwald, Dvorak
HB 1019 Common construction wage. Torr, Bosma, Brown, Clere, DeVon, Speedy, Cook, Ziemke, Price, Lucas, Richardson
HB 1043 View Amendments + Medical malpractice caps. Torr, Dvorak
HB 1044 Rockville food and beverage tax. Morrison, Price
HB 1046 View Amendments + Study of sales tax exemptions for bullion or currency. Beumer, Wolkins, Heaton, Niezgodski
HB 1072 View Amendments + Various education matters. Thompson
HB 1110 View Amendments + Magistrates. Stemler, Steuerwald, Clere, Lawson
HB 1145 View Amendments + Civil immunity for volunteer health care providers. Frizzell, Zent, Washburne, Huston, Smith, Koch, Bauer, Steuerwald
HB 1161 Immunity for damage caused rescuing a child. GiaQuinta, Steuerwald, McMillin, Smith
HB 1194 View Amendments + High school diplomas. Clere, Burton, Austin, Schaibley
HB 1197 View Amendments + First responder tactical training. McNamara, Bacon, Zent, Macer
HB 1203 View Amendments + Wine and beer sales at trade shows or expositions. Arnold, Lucas, Dermody
HB 1231 View Amendments + Accelerated degree programs. Huston, Austin, Behning, Smith
HB 1270 Horse racing matters. Cherry, Lehe, Friend, Austin, Goodin
HB 1271 View Amendments + Sales tax exemption for certain labels. Karickhoff, Cherry, Riecken
HB 1273 View Amendments + Marion County economic development. Huston, Ober, Kirchhofer, Moed
HB 1311 View Amendments + Alcoholic beverage issues. Clere, Dermody, Forestal, Macer
HB 1319 Acquisition of distressed utilities. Koch, Hale
HB 1323 Medical residency education. Brown, Clere, Porter, Niezgodski
HB 1349 View Amendments + Various tax matters. Huston, Brown
HB 1388 Property tax matters. Leonard
HB 1398 Northwest Indiana regional development authority. Soliday, Slager, Brown
HB 1403 View Amendments + Regional cities. Torr, Clere, Hale, Slager
HB 1425 Court fees. Steuerwald, McMillin, DeLaney, Torr
HB 1433 Volunteer firefighters serving in elected offices. Mahan, Smith, McMillin, DeLaney
HB 1472 View Amendments + Various tax matters. Negele
HB 1485 View Amendments + Local option income taxes. Thompson
HB 1508 Performance bonds of land developers. VanNatter
HB 1548 View Amendments + Midwives. Lehe, Clere, Brown, Frizzell
HB 1561 View Amendments + Annexation. Negele, Mahan, Truitt
HB 1624 View Amendments + Sale of alcoholic beverages. Dermody, Eberhart, Austin, GiaQuinta
HB 1638 View Amendments + State intervention in failing schools. Behning
HB 1068 Background checks. Thompson
SB 62 View Amendments + 2015 ISTEP program. Cox