Sen. Randall Head


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
SB 10 Coroner and conflict of interest. Authored Bill
SB 16 Fire protection district per diems. Authored Bill
SB 65 Probate claims study committee. Authored Bill
SB 72 Motor vehicle manufacturer sales. Authored Bill
SB 93 Synthetic drugs. Authored Bill
SB 118 Property tax appeals. Authored Bill
SB 171 Update of federal law citations. Authored Bill
SB 199 Substantive problems in the Indiana Code. Authored Bill
SB 274 Crimes of violence and surety bonds. Authored Bill
SB 278 Drug dealing and violent crimes. Authored Bill
SB 279 Threats and gun violence. Authored Bill
SB 306 Limited liability arising from trespassing. Authored Bill
SB 313 Definition of "sexual conduct". Authored Bill
SB 314 Child exploitation and child pornography. Authored Bill
SB 315 School property. Authored Bill
SB 317 Community foundations. Authored Bill
SB 318 Insulin provided by township trustees. Authored Bill
SB 319 Distribution of local option income taxes. Authored Bill
SB 321 Study committee. Authored Bill
SB 322 Food desert grant program. Authored Bill
SB 323 Waste blood specimen requirements. Authored Bill
SB 324 Various child support matters. Authored Bill
SB 325 Beer, wine, liquor prizes/charity auction sales. Authored Bill
SB 326 State board of accounts examinations. Authored Bill
SB 330 Annexation. Authored Bill
SB 336 Library board appointments. Authored Bill
SB 373 Civil proceeding advance payment transactions. Authored Bill
SB 374 Property tax assessment date trailer. Authored Bill
SB 375 Human trafficking, promoting prostitution, and asset forfeiture. Authored Bill
SB 393 Public official surety bonds. Authored Bill
SB 409 Court fees. Authored Bill
SB 412 Integrated resource plans and energy efficiency. Authored Bill
SB 422 Court security fees and funds. Authored Bill
SB 445 Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Authored Bill
SB 469 Rural broadband. Authored Bill
SB 476 School capital projects fund tax rate. Authored Bill
SB 477 Business development closing fund. Authored Bill
SB 489 State board of accounts issues. Authored Bill
SB 514 Vacancy in office of clerk-treasurer. Authored Bill
SB 524 Tax deeds and conveyance documents. Authored Bill
SB 531 Various tax sale matters. Authored Bill
SB 532 Human trafficking, promoting prostitution, and adult entertainment performers. Authored Bill
SB 536 Methamphetamine. Authored Bill
SCR 3 Urging the INDOT to name the length of highway being constructed across the Deer Creek Valley the "James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Highway" Authored Resolution
SCR 19 Honoring the Indiana Main Street program Authored Resolution
SCR 34 Urging INDOT to rename the U.S. 24 bridge over U.S. 31 in Peru the Authored Resolution
SCR 43 Memorializing Sergeant Jarrod W. Black Authored Resolution
SR 17 Honoring the Ancilla College Chargers Authored Resolution
SR 18 Honoring the China Philanthropy Leadership Initiative Authored Resolution
SR 65 Recognizing June 6, 2015, as the 100th anniversary of the Culver-Union Township Public Library Authored Resolution
SB 116 Property tax refunds. Co-authored Bill
SB 182 Adult protective services study committee. Co-authored Bill
SB 286 Taxation of civil service annuities. Co-authored Bill
SB 405 Assessment of agricultural land. Co-authored Bill
SCR 6 Congratulating the New Palestine High School football team. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 15 Honoring John Cardwell and Nancy Griffin Co-authored Resolution
SCR 28 Recognizing Spirit Cheer of Evansville Co-authored Resolution
SCR 30 Honoring the Indiana members of the First Special Service Force Co-authored Resolution
SCR 31 Honoring Tanner King Co-authored Resolution
SCR 36 Honoring University of Southern Indiana Co-authored Resolution
SCR 53 Honoring Ernest "Ernie" Yelton Co-authored Resolution
SCR 55 Congratulating former Indiana State Senator Billie Breaux for her decades of public service. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 56 Memorializing Thomas E. Fruechtenicht Co-authored Resolution
SR 4 Memorializing Richard "Dick" L. Smith. Co-authored Resolution
SR 66 Honoring Virgil Ray Hudnall Co-authored Resolution
HB 1015 Benefit corporations. Sponsored Bill
HB 1102 Patent protection. Sponsored Bill
HB 1104 Financial examinations and the state board of accounts. Sponsored Bill
HB 1138 Update of federal election law references. Sponsored Bill
HB 1141 Judgment dockets. Sponsored Bill
HB 1196 CHINS and delinquent child dual determination. Sponsored Bill
HB 1216 Missing children and trafficked children. Sponsored Bill
HB 1248 Urban farming. Sponsored Bill
HB 1264 State and local government matters. Sponsored Bill
HB 1340 Civil proceeding advance payment transactions. Sponsored Bill
HB 1433 Sheriff's merit board. Sponsored Bill
HB 1434 Department of child services. Sponsored Bill
HB 1435 Beer, wine, liquor prizes/charity auction sales. Sponsored Bill
HB 1475 Statewide 911 system. Sponsored Bill
HB 1495 Various local government issues. Sponsored Bill
HB 1603 Property tax appeals. Sponsored Bill
HCR 34 Recognizing the importance and sustainability of Indiana's hardwood industry. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 61 Congratulating the North Miami High School girls softball team. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 62 Honoring Whitney Jennings. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 2 Honoring Robert Hyatt for his years of dedicated service to his country and his state. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 9 Recognizing Purple Heart recipients in Indiana Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 27 Recognizing the FFA and its Indiana state officers. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 29 Recognizing Major General R. Martin Umbarger on the occasion of his retirement as Adjutant General of Indiana. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 38 Memorializing Corporal Jordan Lee Spears. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 39 Recognizing 70 Indiana volunteer firefighters on the occasion of 50 years of dedicated service to their local volunteer fire departments. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 48 Requesting prayers and support for the men and women serving in the United States armed forces. Co-sponsored Resolution