Rep. Terry Goodin


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
HB 1105 Sales tax refunds in disaster areas. Authored Bill
HB 1385 Industrial rail service fund. Authored Bill
HB 1386 Killing an endangered species and repeat poachers. Authored Bill
HB 1387 Cannabis oil criminal exemption. Authored Bill
HB 1017 Motor vehicle matters. Co-authored Bill
HB 1100 School efficiency grants. Co-authored Bill
HB 1108 Dyslexia. Co-authored Bill
HB 1216 Missing children and trafficked children. Co-authored Bill
HB 1270 Horse racing matters. Co-authored Bill
HB 1334 Transborder groundwater authority. Co-authored Bill
HB 1351 Agency rulemaking and policymaking. Co-authored Bill
HB 1452 Natural resources matters. Co-authored Bill
HB 1480 Small school grant. Co-authored Bill
HB 1509 Study committee on obsolete statutes. Co-authored Bill
HCR 3 Memorializing Army Specialist Christopher Shane Wright Co-authored Resolution
HCR 9 Recognizing Purple Heart recipients in Indiana Co-authored Resolution
HCR 27 Recognizing the FFA and its Indiana state officers. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 29 Recognizing Major General R. Martin Umbarger on the occasion of his retirement as Adjutant General of Indiana. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 34 Recognizing the importance and sustainability of Indiana's hardwood industry. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 36 Recognizing the Lincoln Hills Development Corporation on the 50th anniversary of its incorporation. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 37 Recognizing Elder Heart. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 46 Recognizing the Indiana Historical Bureau on the occasion of 100 years of marking Hoosier history. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 48 Requesting prayers and support for the men and women serving in the United States armed forces. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 52 Honoring Hugh Brown. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 69 Congratulating the 2014 Indiana State NASP Archery Tournament champions. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 82 Memorializing and honoring Representative Earl L. Harris. Co-authored Resolution
HR 11 Recognizing the Indianapolis Chapter of Jack and Jill of American, Inc. Co-authored Resolution
HR 18 Recognizing the work done by the Oxford Society. Co-authored Resolution
HR 23 Memorializing Joey Morris. Co-authored Resolution
HR 24 Honoring North Elementary School on their nomination for the United States Department of Education's National Blue Ribbon School Award Program. Co-authored Resolution
HR 25 Honoring Farmersville Elementary School on their nomination for the United States Department of Education's National Blue Ribbon School Award Program. Co-authored Resolution
HR 32 Recognizing and honoring Indiana's rich African American heritage and history. Co-authored Resolution
HR 33 Congratulating Indiana Wesleyan University men's basketball team. Co-authored Resolution
HR 37 Honoring Larry "Bud" Wright. Co-authored Resolution
HR 43 Congratulating the Brown County Junior High School "We the People" team for winning the 2013-2014 National Championship and the 2014-2015 State Championship. Co-authored Resolution
HR 48 Recognizing the Decatur County Family YMCA. Co-authored Resolution
HR 51 Congratulating Kenneth R. Torr on his induction into the Livestock Marketeers Hall of Fame. Co-authored Resolution
HR 59 Expressing opposition to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS). Co-authored Resolution
HR 68 Urging United States Environmental Protection Agency to retain existing ozone standard. Co-authored Resolution
SB 8 Death penalty aggravator. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 80 Taxation of Internet access. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 251 Controlled projects. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 252 Horse racing matters. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 259 STEM education. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 356 Work ethic certification and grants. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 423 Property tax issues. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 426 County and township assessor qualifications. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 433 Shotguns. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 441 Various tax matters. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 484 Fire and emergency response issues. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 500 Education deregulation. Co-sponsored Bill