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Name Description Status
SB 1 Administrative law study commission. (S) Public Law 11
SB 321 Local government budgeting. (S) Public Law 184
SB 323 Legislative studies. (S) Public Law 185
SB 162 Hospital immunizations. (S) Senate dissented from House amendments
SB 148 Public employees' defined contribution plan. (S) Public Law 209
SB 126 Political subdivision information on the Internet. (S) Public Law 208
SB 308 Local tax matters. (S) Public Law 180
SB 309 State and local taxation. (S) Public Law 181
HB 1378 Divestment from boycott Israel businesses. (H) Public Law 177
SB 344 Civil rights. (S) Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
SB 192 Guardianship and adult protective services report. (S) Public Law 34
SB 250 Parenting coordinators. (S) Public Law 42
SB 400 Employee misclassification. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions
SB 15 Fresh food initiative. (S) Public Law 14
SB 12 Financial crimes against the elderly. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code
SB 295 Requires that state income tax forms be modified to enable a taxpayer to donate all or part of the taxpayer's tax refund to the military family relief fund (fund). (S) Public Law 99
SB 297 Opioid dependence treatment. (S) Public Law 8
SB 171 Study of electronic health care claim payments. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Insurance
SB 93 Various education matters. (S) Public Law 127
SB 339 Daily fantasy sports. (S) Public Law 212
SB 131 Department of child services reporting. (S) Public Law 23
SB 273 Study of drug pricing and access. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
SB 334 Various education matters. (H) House advisors appointed: Huston, Behning, Brown T and Austin
SB 286 Grand jury and special prosecutor study topic. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Judiciary
SB 20 Workforce policies. (S) Public Law 120