Release Date:
Feb. 2, 2017, 12:15 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 01:30 February 06, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1004 View Amendments + Prekindergarten education. Behning, Sullivan, Moed
HB 1010 View Amendments + Commitment to the DOC for a Level 6 felony. Steuerwald, Karickhoff, Pierce, Stemler
HB 1074 View Amendments + Homeowners association proxies. Macer, Schaibley, Burton
HB 1091 Accessing child pornography. Washburne
HB 1095 Plastic-coated ammunition. Burton, Lucas, Eberhart, Goodin
HB 1117 Performance bond requirements. Miller, Wright
HB 1124 View Amendments + Engineered lumber. Wesco, Moseley, Klinker, Frye
HB 1200 Off- road vehicle safety. Arnold, Bacon, McNamara, Lawson
HB 1287 CHOICE programs. Clere, Frizzell, Summers, Negele
HB 1295 Disposal of real property. Pryor, Speedy, Frizzell
HB 1318 View Amendments + Insurance matters. Carbaugh, Lehman, Austin, Hamm
HB 1335 View Amendments + State institutions. Kirchhofer, Zent
HB 1342 Tax administration. Cherry, Thompson
HB 1349 Rehabilitation progress and recidivism reporting. Steuerwald, Pierce
HB 1382 View Amendments + Charter schools. Behning
HB 1396 Teacher licensing for military spouses. McNamara, Arnold, Cook, Austin
HB 1406 Manufacturing methamphetamine. Washburne
HB 1471 IN211 program. Siegrist, Sullivan, Heine, Harris
HB 1492 Title 9 technical corrections. Soliday
HB 1526 Securities matters. Heaton, Ellington, Hamilton, GiaQuinta
HB 1571 Autopsy reports. Hatfield, Bacon
HB 1592 Automobile sales requirements. Soliday, GiaQuinta, Morris, Smith
HB 1642 Diabetes in Indiana. Summers, Clere, Kirchhofer, Macer
HB 1048 Adoption criminal history check. Aylesworth, DeLaney, Burton, Young
HB 1133 Preemption of local bans on short term rentals. Lehman, McNamara, Ober
HB 1154 Unemployment insurance. Leonard, Ober, Moseley
HB 1171 Disciplinary process for firefighters. Mahan, Frye, Steuerwald, Lawson
HB 1235 Regulation of processed manure based fertilizer. Lehe, Baird, Wright, Gutwein
HB 1272 Local government matters. Negele, Stemler, Shackleford
HB 1274 Access to identifying information. Summers, Clere, Bauer, Steuerwald
HB 1286 Regional development authorities. Stemler, Clere, Davisson, Engleman
HB 1336 Department of health matters. Kirchhofer, Shackleford, Zent