Release Date:
Feb. 14, 2017, 6:22 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Thursday Convening Time: 10:00 February 16, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1003 View Amendments + Student assessments. Behning, Brown
HB 1005 View Amendments + Superintendent of public instruction. Bosma, Ober, Wesco
HB 1007 View Amendments + Education course access program. Cook, Brown, Klinker
HB 1043 Referendum process and remonstrance process. Thompson, Clere, Stemler
HB 1053 County magistrates. Eberhart, Steuerwald, DeLaney
HB 1137 Bail agent license renewal and bond forfeiture. Frizzell, Austin, Carbaugh
HB 1142 Miami County local income tax. Friend, Wolkins
HB 1181 View Amendments + Technical corrections. Kersey, Steuerwald, Washburne, Moseley
HB 1189 Crime reporting requirements. Ober, Harris
HB 1209 View Amendments + Organized retail theft. Negele, Steuerwald, Lawson
HB 1237 View Amendments + Grain buyers and warehouse licensing. Lehe, Baird, Wright, Friend
HB 1250 View Amendments + Handgun licenses and law enforcement officers. Goodin, Eberhart, Moseley, Lehman
HB 1308 Various professional licensing matters. Zent
HB 1350 View Amendments + Gaming taxes. Huston, Brown, Sullivan
HB 1470 View Amendments + Government information. Ober, Mahan, McNamara, Shackleford
HB 1491 View Amendments + Various motor vehicle law amendments. Soliday, Sullivan
HB 1495 View Amendments + Environmental management. Wolkins, Gutwein, Errington
HB 1535 Study of law enforcement training matters. McNamara, Lawson, Mahan, Karickhoff
HB 1536 View Amendments + Tax sales. Engleman, Miller, Mahan, GiaQuinta
HB 1537 Pension thirteenth checks. Gutwein, Burton, GiaQuinta
HB 1555 View Amendments + Study of the use of police reserve officers and other volunteers. Mayfield
HB 1577 View Amendments + DNA samples of felony arrestees. Steuerwald, Bauer, McNamara, Goodin, Lehman, Schaibley, Olthoff, Cherry, Burton
HB 1622 Record of county and municipality votes. Speedy
HB 1644 Study of applied behavior analysis issues. Summers, Torr, Morrison
HB 1002 Transportation infrastructure funding. Soliday, Brown, Steuerwald, Sullivan, Frye, Braun
HB 1324 Activation of state employees. Forestal, Frye, Macer, Judy
HB 1344 Lead and arsenic soil contamination in East Chicago. Harris, Aylesworth, Cook, Hamilton
HB 1386 Competency based education. Behning, Jordan, Burton, Klinker
HB 1391 Behavioral health and human services licensing. Frizzell, Austin, Leonard, Lawson
HB 1395 Appointments to local boards. Ellington, Austin, Zent
HB 1408 Nonresidential on-site sewage system permit. Wesco, Bauer
HB 1415 Various natural resources matters. Eberhart, Kersey, Arnold, Errington
HB 1431 Executive sessions and open records. GiaQuinta, Lehman, Pryor, Engleman
HB 1488 Auto dealer services. Sullivan, Siegrist, Austin
HB 1513 Crimes involving adoption. Olthoff, Schaibley, Summers
HB 1523 Search fee for public records requests. Richardson, GiaQuinta, Engleman, Mahan
HB 1527 Vehicle excise taxes. Soliday, Sullivan, Frye
HB 1601 Certified technology parks. Huston, Morris, Cherry, Macer