Release Date:
Feb. 20, 2017, 6:25 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Tuesday Convening Time: 10:00 February 21, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1104 View Amendments + Adulterant and synthetic urine ban. Beumer, Errington, Ziemke
HB 1178 View Amendments + Voter registration opportunity for all motor vehicle transactions. Kersey, Smith, Richardson, Judy
HB 1337 View Amendments + Telemedicine matters. Kirchhofer, Bacon, Shackleford
HB 1421 View Amendments + Planning and zoning. Pressel, Miller, Siegrist, Brown
HB 1422 View Amendments + Department of transportation property matters. Pressel, Soliday, Brown
HB 1444 View Amendments + Criminal and civil liability for ransomware. Judy, Dvorak, Morris, Speedy
HB 1470 View Amendments + Government information. Ober, Mahan, McNamara, Shackleford
HB 1472 View Amendments + Vote centers. Wesco, Soliday
HB 1494 View Amendments + Regulation of confined feeding operations. Wolkins
HB 1519 View Amendments + Infrastructure development zone utility service. VanNatter, Ober, Pierce
HB 1521 View Amendments + Various election law matters. Richardson, Moseley, Judy, Soliday
HB 1006 Mental health matters. Kirchhofer, Ziemke, Steuerwald, Shackleford
HB 1007 Education course access program. Cook, Brown, Klinker
HB 1019 Controlled substances. Ellington, Negele, Klinker, Hatfield
HB 1071 Handgun study. Eberhart, Kirchhofer, Mayfield, Goodin
HB 1084 Emergency contact data base. Cook, Mahan, Wright, Frye
HB 1119 Manufactured home dealers. Miller, Culver, Forestal
HB 1130 Protections for student journalists. Clere, DeLaney, Klinker, Lucas
HB 1137 Bail agent license renewal and bond forfeiture. Frizzell, Austin, Carbaugh
HB 1148 Cannabidiol and treatment resistant epilepsy. Friend, Moseley, Arnold, Schaibley, Lucas, Mahan, VanNatter, Taylor, Beumer, Lehe, Judy, Goodin, Pierce, McNamara, Macer, Engleman, Hamilton, Kirchhofer, Negele, Hamm, Mayfield, Morris, Cook, Klinker, Lawson, Forestal, Frye, Olthoff, Candelaria Reardon, Hatfield, Summers, Brown, DeVon, Pressel, Siegrist, Errington, Stemler, Moed, Kersey, Carbaugh, Gutwein, Ellington
HB 1237 Grain buyers and warehouse licensing. Lehe, Baird, Wright, Friend
HB 1268 Traffic amnesty program. Shackleford, Young, Pryor, Taylor
HB 1308 Various professional licensing matters. Zent, Taylor, Bacon, Moseley
HB 1350 Gaming taxes. Huston, Brown, Sullivan
HB 1391 Behavioral health and human services licensing. Frizzell, Austin, Leonard, Lawson
HB 1447 Transportation of agricultural commodities. Friend, Cherry, Frye, Braun
HB 1491 Various motor vehicle law amendments. Soliday, Sullivan, Braun
HB 1502 Compliance and enforcement. Smaltz, Soliday, Forestal, Candelaria Reardon
HB 1516 Domestic violence fatality review committee. Olthoff, Bacon, Schaibley, Lawson
HB 1541 Addiction treatment teams. Davisson, Ziemke, Shackleford, Porter
HB 1555 Police reserve officers and other volunteers. Mayfield
HB 1577 DNA samples of felony arrestees. Steuerwald, Bauer, McNamara, Goodin, Lehman, Schaibley, Olthoff, Cherry, Burton
HB 1626 Study of universal service for telecommunications. Negele, Macer, Pierce, Ober
HB 1654 Commission to combat drug abuse. Ziemke, Brown
HCR 12 Conductor trainee programs for veterans. Moseley, Zent, Macer, Olthoff