Release Date:
April 21, 2017, 7:14 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Friday Convening Time: 09:00 April 21, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1002 Transportation infrastructure funding. Soliday, Brown, Steuerwald, Sullivan, Frye, Braun
HB 1003 School assessments. Behning, Brown
HB 1036 Marion County judicial selection. Steuerwald, Bosma, Frizzell, DeLaney
HB 1350 Gaming matters. Huston, Brown, Sullivan, GiaQuinta
HB 1384 Various education matters. Behning
HB 1450 Property tax matters. Leonard, Steuerwald
HB 1491 Various Title 9 amendments. Soliday, Sullivan, Braun
HB 1496 Alcoholic beverage matters. Smaltz, Clere, GiaQuinta, Lehman
SB 1 E-liquids. Lehman, Steuerwald
SB 61 Commission on seclusion and restraint. Clere, Klinker
SB 198 Career and technical education. Huston, Brown
SB 386 Property taxation. Slager, Aylesworth
SB 514 Entrepreneur and enterprise districts. Siegrist, Brown
SB 515 Various tax matters. Brown, Huston
SB 567 Distressed and fiscally impaired political subdivisions. Brown, Brown