Release Date:
Jan. 26, 2017, 2:42 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
President Pro Tempore State of Indiana Principal Secretary
David C. Long 120th General Assembly Jennifer Mertz
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 01:30 January 30, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
SB 9 View Amendments + Supplemental nutrition assistance program and drug convictions. Merritt, Breaux
SB 117 United States history courses. Kruse, Raatz
SB 120 Plea agreements and sentencing. Koch, Bray
SB 121 View Amendments + Adverse possession. Koch, Young
SB 153 View Amendments + Drug and alcohol treatment report. Merritt, Charbonneau
SB 156 View Amendments + Opioid treatment program reporting. Merritt, Charbonneau
SB 170 View Amendments + Pharmacy robbery. Young, Bohacek
SB 175 View Amendments + Health care consent. Leising, Young
SB 275 View Amendments + Nondomiciled commercial driver's licenses. Holdman, Ford
SB 300 Solid waste management district board membership. Koch, Buck
SB 310 View Amendments + Land banks. Hershman, Holdman, Lanane
SB 316 View Amendments + Indiana Uniform Voidable Transactions Act. Bray, Zakas
SB 345 View Amendments + Financial crimes against the elderly. Young, Lanane, Zakas
SB 396 View Amendments + Guardian reimbursement and Medicaid eligibility. Koch, Ford
SB 409 Collective bargaining. Houchin, Boots, Kruse
SB 412 View Amendments + 529 education savings plan matters. Koch, Holdman
SB 513 View Amendments + Drug testing of home health care employees. Hershman, Doriot, Niezgodski
SB 19 Sheriff's commissary fund reporting. Brown, Walker
SB 30 Student school information. Koch, Kruse
SB 49 Plan for the permanent placement of a child. Glick, Ford, Young
SB 51 Immunizations. Grooms, Charbonneau
SB 73 Electronic authorization for prescription drugs. Grooms, Charbonneau
SB 86 School curriculum. Leising, Kruse, Young
SB 87 Report cards. Leising, Kruse
SB 152 Local redevelopment. Merritt, Head
SB 185 Law enforcement training. Crider, Delph
SB 191 Firearms matters. Crider, Crane
SB 239 Victim notification. Head, Bray
SB 282 Spay-neuter program. Messmer, Zay
SB 346 Donation of certain local funds to a foundation. Grooms, Ford
SB 457 Driver safety program. Head, Tomes
SB 511 Water and wastewater utilities. Charbonneau, Eckerty, Tallian
SB 545 Sales tax collection by remote sellers. Kenley, Hershman