Release Date:
March 9, 2017, 1:28 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
President Pro Tempore State of Indiana Principal Secretary
David C. Long 120th General Assembly Jennifer Mertz
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 01:30 March 13, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1069 Immunizations for higher education students. Charbonneau, Becker, Randolph
HB 1095 Plastic-coated ammunition. Bray, Tomes, Freeman
HB 1101 View Amendments + Adjustment or movement of advertising signs. Crider, Doriot, Randolph
HB 1117 Performance bond requirements. Doriot, Head, Randolph
HB 1145 Stroke protocols for emergency services personnel. Charbonneau, Leising, Breaux
HB 1174 View Amendments + Bicycle trails. Kruse, Glick, Lanane
HB 1181 Technical corrections. Young, Zakas, Randolph
HB 1250 Handgun licenses and law enforcement officers. Grooms, Freeman, Randolph
HB 1272 View Amendments + Local government matters. Doriot
HB 1421 View Amendments + Zoning and construction permits. Doriot, Messmer, Niezgodski
HB 1023 Public safety matters. Crider, Delph, Randolph
HB 1039 Right-of-way in a roundabout. Crider, Kenley, Delph
HB 1080 Commission on improving the status of children. Grooms, Breaux, Lanane
HB 1084 Emergency contact data base. Crider, Sandlin, Randolph
HB 1102 Task force to assess services. Grooms, Becker, Breaux
HB 1287 CHOICE program. Becker, Leising, Breaux