Release Date:
March 17, 2017, 8:59 a.m.
  Version: 1.0
President Pro Tempore State of Indiana Principal Secretary
David C. Long 120th General Assembly Jennifer Mertz
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 01:30 March 20, 2017
Bill name Bill description Authors
SR 2 Urging the government of Turkey to cease its discrimination against the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church. Randolph, Delph, Glick
HB 1079 School employment and teacher licensure. Merritt, Crane, Kruse
HB 1101 View Amendments + Adjustment or movement of advertising signs. Crider, Doriot, Randolph
HB 1119 View Amendments + Manufactured home dealers. Doriot, Crider, Randolph
HB 1133 View Amendments + Preemption of local bans on short term rentals. Head, Buck, Randolph
HB 1136 View Amendments + Latch key programs. Raatz, Grooms, Kruse
HB 1278 Cervical cancer prevention. Leising, Becker, Ruckelshaus
HB 1286 View Amendments + Regional development authorities. Grooms, Breaux
HB 1324 Activation of state employees. Crider, Niezgodski, Doriot
HB 1335 State institutions. Crider, Charbonneau, Mrvan
HB 1336 View Amendments + Department of health matters. Charbonneau, Breaux, Leising
HB 1396 Teacher licensing for military spouses. Kenley, Raatz, Glick
HB 1421 View Amendments + Zoning and construction permits. Doriot, Messmer, Niezgodski
HB 1430 View Amendments + Suicide awareness and prevention. Head, Messmer, Kruse
HB 1431 View Amendments + Executive sessions and open records. Brown, Kruse, Ruckelshaus
HB 1516 View Amendments + Domestic violence fatality review committee. Crider, Bray, Randolph
HB 1010 Commitment to the DOC for a Level 6 felony. Young, Buck
HB 1019 Controlled substances. Merritt, Head, Grooms
HB 1020 Code revision corrections. Young, Tomes, Taylor
HB 1064 Habitual offender requirements. Head, Taylor
HB 1123 Study of civil forfeiture laws. Head, Bray, Randolph
HB 1189 Crime reporting requirements. Ruckelshaus, Doriot, Glick
HB 1245 Notice of adoption to grandparents. Koch, Freeman, Randolph
HB 1268 Traffic amnesty program. Head, Taylor, Randolph
HB 1349 Rehabilitation progress and recidivism reporting. Young, Bray, Lanane
HB 1488 Auto dealer services. Crider, Ruckelshaus, Randolph