Sen. Mark Messmer


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
SB 14 Handguns and professional staff. Authored Bill
SB 114 Professional licensing. Authored Bill
SB 128 Regional infrastructure improvement projects. Authored Bill
SB 129 Construction and construction permits. Authored Bill
SB 130 Transfer of ownership of motor vehicles. Authored Bill
SB 256 Benjamin Harrison conservation trust. Authored Bill
SB 281 Broadband development. Authored Bill
SB 282 Spay-neuter program. Authored Bill
SB 283 Pyramid promotional schemes. Authored Bill
SB 355 Child abuse education and policies. Authored Bill
SB 356 Allocation of sales taxes for Main Street program. Authored Bill
SB 358 Alcoholic beverages. Authored Bill
SB 376 Rural electric membership corporation governance. Authored Bill
SB 387 Department of correction wardens. Authored Bill
SB 413 Opportunity to correct violation. Authored Bill
SB 443 Uniform business organization laws. Authored Bill
SB 482 Real estate appraiser board. Authored Bill
SCR 30 Honoring Mark A. Schroeder. Authored Resolution
SCR 38 Honoring the Wood Memorial High School girls basketball team. Authored Resolution
SCR 39 Celebrating the Town of Stendal's 150th anniversary. Authored Resolution
SCR 55 Celebrating the Town of Stendal. Authored Resolution
SB 1 E-liquids. Co-authored Bill
SB 43 Firearms matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 59 Professional licensing. Co-authored Bill
SB 88 School calendar. Co-authored Bill
SB 322 DNA for felony arrestees. Co-authored Bill
SCR 3 Honoring the USS Indiana Commissioning Committee. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 4 Congratulating Jitka Nelson, 2017 Indiana Teacher of the Year. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 7 Honoring Brian Sadowski. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 17 Memorializing former senator Larry Borst. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 24 Congratulating Cathedral High School's "We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution" team on winning Indiana's state competition. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 40 Honoring the 38th Infantry Division. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 47 Congratulating Carmel High School girls swimming and diving team. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 48 Congratulating the Carmel High School girls cross country team. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 49 Congratulating the Carmel High School boys swimming and diving team. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 50 Congratulating the Carmel High School boys tennis team. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 51 Congratulating the Carmel High School football team. Co-authored Resolution
SR 20 Honoring Helping Hands for Freedom. Co-authored Resolution
SR 25 Congratulating Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Co-authored Resolution
SR 38 Honoring Justice Robert D. Rucker. Co-authored Resolution
SR 49 Congratulating the Pleasant Run Elementary School "Panther Bots". Co-authored Resolution
HB 1013 Vending machine sales of food. Sponsored Bill
HB 1071 Handgun matters. Sponsored Bill
HB 1100 Oral history project advisory committee. Sponsored Bill
HB 1157 Small business duplicative reporting. Sponsored Bill
HB 1200 Off- road vehicle safety. Sponsored Bill
HB 1218 Juvenile justice. Sponsored Bill
HB 1415 Various natural resources matters. Sponsored Bill
HB 1421 Zoning and construction permits. Sponsored Bill
HB 1430 Suicide awareness and prevention. Sponsored Bill
HB 1494 Regulation of confined feeding operations. Sponsored Bill
HB 1496 Alcohol matters. Sponsored Bill
HB 1511 Liens on abandoned or towed vehicles. Sponsored Bill
HB 1520 Repeal of obsolete inheritance tax provisions. Sponsored Bill
HB 1601 Certified technology parks. Sponsored Bill
HB 1626 Study of universal service for telecommunications. Sponsored Bill
HCR 73 Recognizing the Bicentennial of Petersburg, Indiana. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 7 Urging INDOT to rename a section of US Hwy 27 the "Captain Charles Edwin Engle Memorial Mile." Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 8 Urging INDOT to rename a part of US Hwy 231 the "Donald W. Dean Memorial Highway". Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 11 Honoring Lilly King. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 12 Conductor trainee programs for veterans. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 13 Honoring Marlee Hobbs, Mackenzie Riddle, and Morgan Riddle. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 18 Honoring Adam Vinatieri. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 21 Memorializing Jean Paul Lushin. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 23 Congratulating the Indiana Catholic Conference on the 50th anniversary of its founding. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 30 Petitioning the National Park Service to complete the Eastern Legacy Special Resource Study and to recommend inclusion of the Eastern Legacy sites in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 31 Honoring Brenda Bowman on her selection as the 2016-2017 Indiana Rural Teacher of the Year by the Indiana Small and Rural Schools Association. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 32 Honoring volunteer firefighters. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 38 Honoring the Girl Scouts of the USA. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 40 Recognizing the Harvest Homecoming Festival on the occasion of its 50th year. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 49 Memorializing Deputy Carl Koontz. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 50 Congratulating the Legislative Council and the Legislative Services Agency on the 50th anniversary of their founding. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 65 Honoring Jim Shella. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 74 Honoring the accomplishments of John Grew. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 76 Honoring Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School boys basketball team. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 77 Congratulating the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School's boys basketball team. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 78 Congratulating the Ben Davis High School boys basketball team. Co-sponsored Resolution