Rep. Todd Huston


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
HB 1008 Workforce development. Authored Bill
HB 1350 Gaming. Authored Bill
HB 1351 Motorized equipment vehicle rental excise tax. Authored Bill
HB 1352 Duration of first regular session of the general assembly. Authored Bill
HB 1353 Review of administrative rules. Authored Bill
HB 1354 Sale of individual bottles of cold alcohol. Authored Bill
HB 1600 Medicaid eligibility of former foster children. Authored Bill
HB 1601 Certified technology parks. Authored Bill
HB 1602 Veterans' preference for firefighter hiring. Authored Bill
HB 1638 State income tax credit for licensed teachers. Authored Bill
HCR 39 Honoring the Fishers Junior High School "We the People" team. Authored Resolution
HB 1009 School financial management. Co-authored Bill
HB 1083 Civics education. Co-authored Bill
HB 1188 Distributed generation. Co-authored Bill
HB 1281 Various higher education matters. Co-authored Bill
HB 1284 Sales tax facilitator provisions and study. Co-authored Bill
HB 1322 Employee training tax credits. Co-authored Bill
HB 1463 Teachers' defined contribution plan. Co-authored Bill
HB 1470 Government information. Co-authored Bill
HCR 11 Honoring Lilly King. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 18 Honoring Adam Vinatieri. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 50 Congratulating the Legislative Council and the Legislative Services Agency on the 50th anniversary of their founding. Co-authored Resolution
HR 16 Acknowledging the many accomplishments of Justice Robert D. Rucker on the occasion of his retirement. Co-authored Resolution
SB 198 Career and technical education. Sponsored Bill
SB 248 Consolidation of school administrative functions. Sponsored Bill
SB 429 Cultural district development. Sponsored Bill
SB 196 School debt service obligations. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 262 Bonding for transportation projects. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 407 Education matters. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 440 Various tax matters. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 515 Various tax matters. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 545 Sales tax collection by remote sellers. Co-sponsored Bill