Release Date:
Feb. 1, 2018, 6:08 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 10:00 February 05, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
HB 1002 Reorganization of workforce funding and programs. Huston, Sullivan, Clere
HB 1005 Township government consolidation. Ziemke, Torr, Mahan, DeLaney
HB 1016 Student journalism. Clere, DeLaney
HB 1056 Innkeepers' taxes and food and beverage taxes. Ober, GiaQuinta, Karickhoff
HB 1061 Asbestos litigation. Lehman, Torr, Huston, Brown
HB 1070 Airport boards. Mayfield, Young, Behning
HB 1089 St. Joseph River basin commission. Ober, Zent, Kersey
HB 1245 Occupational licensing. DeVon, VanNatter, Morris
HB 1248 Child safety alerts. Negele, Porter, Hamm, Olthoff, Bartels, Cook, DeVon, Frizzell, Mahan, Smith, Summers, Taylor, Ziemke
HB 1256 Various local government matters. Lyness, Moed
HB 1286 Marketplace contractors. VanNatter, Lehman, Taylor
HB 1288 Economic development. Torr, Candelaria Reardon, Morris, Pressel, Austin
HB 1289 Local regulation of natural resource development. Ellington, Bacon, Zent
HB 1292 Department of natural resources. Eberhart, Lindauer, Kersey
HB 1316 Sales taxes and tax credits. Brown, Candelaria Reardon, Austin
HB 1317 Health matters. Clere, Brown, Davisson, Ziemke
HB 1320 Disposition of tax sale surplus. Slager, Pryor, Miller
HB 1328 Bail issues. Porter, Young, Steuerwald, Bauer
HB 1356 Bullying. Porter, Behning, Klinker
HB 1374 Financing and transportation. Soliday, Brown, Slager, DeLaney
HB 1382 Study of pharmacy deserts. Brown, Olthoff, Hamm, Frizzell
HB 1383 Election audit procedures. Slager, Hatfield, Richardson
HB 1399 Elementary school teacher content area licenses. Behning, Cook, Burton, Smith
HB 1406 Department of child services. Mayfield, Young
HB 1412 Libraries. Saunders, Cherry, Pierce, Lawson
HB 1420 Various education matters. Behning, Klinker, Cook, Nisly
HB 1421 School discipline. Behning, Porter
HB 1424 Handgun licenses. Wesco, Smaltz, Stemler, Mayfield
HB 1426 Education matters. Behning, Clere, Cook, Austin