Release Date:
Feb. 19, 2018, 3:41 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Tuesday Convening Time: 01:30 February 20, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
SB 62 View Amendments + Hospices and Medicaid. Bacon, Porter
SB 363 View Amendments + FSSA matters. Kirchhofer, Bacon
SB 1 Sunday carryout sales. Smaltz, Siegrist
SB 4 Duties of corrections and criminal code interim study committee. Young, Steuerwald
SB 9 Residence of individual in state institution. Clere, DeVon
SB 13 Administration of overdose intervention drugs. Ober, Cook
SB 44 Recreation fund expenditures. Pressel
SB 100 Carbon monoxide emissions testing. Burton, Macer
SB 105 State agriculture and animal certification programs. Lehe, Wright
SB 142 Maternal mortality review committee. Engleman, Kirchhofer
SB 165 Township board terms of office. Thompson, Pelath
SB 182 County building authorities. Engleman, Thompson
SB 184 Maximum number of foster children. Sullivan, Judy
SB 212 Vehicle weight limits. Heine, Lehman
SB 233 Foster parent bill of rights. McNamara, Frizzell
SB 246 Cemetery maintenance expenses. May
SB 265 Study of intersection safety. Cherry, Soliday
SB 351 Appraisal management companies. Miller, Morris
SB 360 Perinatal levels of care designation certification. Kirchhofer, Bacon