Release Date:
Feb. 22, 2018, 1:34 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Monday Convening Time: 01:30 February 26, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
SB 12 Sex offenders. Negele, Pressel
SB 33 View Amendments + Houses of worship and firearms. Speedy, Torr
SB 52 View Amendments + Low THC extract. Friend, Frizzell
SB 60 Out of state sex or violent offenders. McNamara, Washburne
SB 62 View Amendments + Hospices and Medicaid. Bacon, Porter
SB 64 Sentence modification. Washburne
SB 74 View Amendments + Controlled substances. Steuerwald
SB 96 Veterans pilot program. Zent, Frye
SB 128 Change of placement of a child in need of services. Sullivan, Cook
SB 134 View Amendments + Charity gaming. Pressel, Siegrist
SB 135 Department of child services notifications for schools. Pressel, Olthoff
SB 137 View Amendments + Access to employee restrooms. Bacon, Austin
SB 139 View Amendments + Investigation of overdose deaths. Davisson, Brown
SB 164 Motor vehicle repairs. Carbaugh, Lehman
SB 187 Child care. Mahan, Olthoff
SB 190 View Amendments + Health facility certificate of need. Brown
SB 203 Crimes resulting in the loss of a fetus. Speedy, Bacon
SB 217 View Amendments + Dyslexia. Burton, Behning
SB 236 View Amendments + Say's Firefly designated as state insect. Siegrist, Klinker
SB 238 View Amendments + Office of judicial administration. Steuerwald, Hatfield
SB 257 View Amendments + Sales tax on software. Brown, Huston
SB 262 Veterans matters. Frye, Macer
SB 264 View Amendments + Rape kits. Siegrist, Cook
SB 266 View Amendments + Motor vehicle safety. Frye, Goodin
SB 269 View Amendments + Road and utility repair. Soliday, Frye
SB 274 Environmental matters. Wolkins
SB 301 Criminal history checks for home health workers. Thompson
SB 327 View Amendments + Election security. Richardson, Judy
SB 331 Implementation of federal food safety regulations. Lehe, Friend
SB 340 View Amendments + Regulation of abortion and newborn safety devices. Mayfield, Wesco
SB 341 Incorporation of documents. Carbaugh, Hamm
SB 347 Bonding procedures. Brown, Porter
SB 349 Study of taxes on short term rentals. Torr
SB 353 Study topics. Heine, Morris
SB 363 View Amendments + FSSA matters. Kirchhofer, Bacon
SB 369 View Amendments + Workers' compensation drug formulary. Lehman, Cook
SB 375 Transport operator. Miller, Smaltz
SB 376 Unclaimed property. Burton
SB 377 Small loans. Burton, Ellington
SB 381 Children in need of services. McNamara, Lindauer
SB 386 View Amendments + Financing of flood control improvements. Porter, Moed
SB 392 View Amendments + Local government matters. Slager, Aylesworth
SB 393 View Amendments + Safety notice of advanced structural buildings. Pressel, Frye
SB 404 Operating while intoxicated. Washburne, Young
SB 410 View Amendments + Advanced practice registered nurses. Kirchhofer, Bacon
SB 420 Credit services organizations. Burton, Ellington
SB 421 Assisted living services. Huston, Bacon
SB 428 Department of child services. DeVon
SB 27 1977 fund new unit credits for prior service. Burton, Taylor
SB 36 NCSL 2020 Legislative Summit. Bosma, Goodin
SB 65 Instruction on human sexuality. Wesco, Thompson
SB 75 1977 fund retirement age and benefits study. VanNatter, Frye
SB 98 Specialized driving privileges. Young, Steuerwald
SB 99 Civil forfeiture. Steuerwald, Hatfield
SB 180 Uniform business organizations. Carbaugh, DeLaney
SB 297 Employability skills curriculum. Sullivan, Stemler
SB 300 Disposal of surplus state personal property. Miller, Judy
SB 354 Freeway school corporations and schools. Behning, Burton
SB 372 Notarial acts. Carbaugh, Steuerwald
SB 438 Study committee of state agency management. Lehman, Gutwein
HR 8 Urging the study of the use of an unlawful electronic communication device while driving and automated traffic control. Pressel, Moseley, Soliday, Schaibley
HCR 44 Urging INDOT to rename a section of U.S. 31 at mile markers 174 through 175. Friend, Karickhoff