Release Date:
Feb. 28, 2018, 4:33 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
Speaker State of Indiana Principal Clerk
Brian Bosma 120th General Assembly Caroline Spotts
Meeting Day-Thursday Convening Time: 10:00 March 01, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
SB 33 View Amendments + Houses of worship and firearms. Speedy, Torr
SB 43 Racial balance levy and fund. GiaQuinta, Carbaugh
SB 50 View Amendments + Workforce development; career and technical education. Huston, Cook
SB 119 1977 fund purchase of service. Clere, Stemler
SB 223 View Amendments + Information provided by health practitioners. McNamara, Cook
SB 224 View Amendments + Behavioral health and human services. Frizzell, Cook
SB 242 View Amendments + State and local administration. Brown, Huston
SB 243 View Amendments + Hospital licensure task force. Brown, Brown
SB 261 Annexation study topics. Leonard
SB 269 View Amendments + Road and utility repair. Soliday, Frye
SB 281 Sheriff's department retirement plans. Bartels, Taylor
SB 296 Order to repair tax sale property. Negele, Clere
SB 303 View Amendments + Various education matters. Behning, Thompson
SB 327 View Amendments + Election security; absentee ballot counting. Richardson, Judy
SB 373 Pension supplemental allowance reserve accounts. Burton, Karickhoff
SB 387 View Amendments + Teacher permits, examinations, and salaries. Behning, McNamara
SB 399 View Amendments + Professions and occupations. Wesco, Morris
SB 419 View Amendments + Professional and occupational licenses. Morris, Ellington
SB 6 Technical corrections. Young, Steuerwald
SB 74 Controlled substances. Steuerwald, Hatfield
SB 124 Vending machine sales of food. Ober, Porter
SB 125 Registration of underground utility excavation contractors. Ober, Huston
SB 126 Judges and magistrates. Wolkins, Klinker
SB 128 Change of placement of a child in need of services. Sullivan, Cook
SB 156 Rural utility cooperatives. Frye, VanNatter
SB 158 Scleral tattooing. Frizzell, Eberhart
SB 172 Computer science. Sullivan, Shackleford
SB 178 Taking of sand from bed of Lake Michigan. Pelath, Slager
SB 179 Child support. Mayfield
SB 188 Elimination of the consumer fees and settlements fund. Brown, Huston
SB 189 K-12 funding. Siegrist, Jordan
SB 197 Various property issues. Ober, Morris
SB 221 INSPECT program. Smaltz, Zent
SB 225 Continuing education requirements. Kirchhofer, Cook
SB 230 Suicide prevention. Olthoff, Schaibley
SB 240 Emotional support animals. Siegrist, Clere
SB 247 Creditors' rights. Steuerwald, DeLaney
SB 266 Motor vehicle safety. Frye, Goodin
SB 299 State parks. Lyness
SB 362 Regulation of water and wastewater systems. Ober, Stemler
SB 380 Improvements in historic districts. Bartels
SB 386 Financing of flood control improvements. Porter, Moed
SB 393 Safety notice of advanced structural buildings. Pressel, Frye
SB 402 Juvenile reports. McNamara, Bacon
SB 411 Distressed utilities. VanNatter
SB 431 Immunity for reports of suspected abuse or neglect. Steuerwald, Mahan
SB 436 Action for contribution by railroad entities. Lehman