Release Date:
Jan. 22, 2018, 4:30 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
President Pro Tempore State of Indiana Principal Secretary
David C. Long 120th General Assembly Jennifer Mertz
Meeting Day-Tuesday Convening Time: 01:30 January 23, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
SR 6 Urging support of CHIP re-authorization. Breaux, Charbonneau
SB 63 Sentencing enhancement for injury to others. Young
SB 64 Sentence modification. Young
SB 75 1977 fund retirement age and benefits study. Ford, Grooms, Sandlin
SB 134 View Amendments + Charity gaming. Bohacek, Ford, Alting
SB 179 Child support. Bray, Ruckelshaus
SB 233 Foster parent bill of rights. Ford, Grooms, Bohacek
SB 261 View Amendments + Annexation remonstrance waivers. Bray, Koch, Doriot
SB 290 View Amendments + Worker's compensation. Ford, Tallian, Randolph
SB 300 View Amendments + Disposal of surplus state personal property. Raatz, Messmer, Kruse
SB 2 Code revision correction. Young, Zakas
SB 5 Profiting from an adoption. Zakas, Bray
SB 10 Town employees holding elected office. Bohacek
SB 14 Magistrates. Bray, Crane
SB 24 Student possession and use of sunscreen. Brown, Kruse
SB 44 Recreation fund expenditures. Bohacek, Niemeyer
SB 60 Out of state sex or violent offenders. Zakas, Young, Freeman
SB 100 Carbon monoxide emissions testing. Delph, Crider, Merritt
SB 126 Kosciusko County superior court. Head, Mishler
SB 128 Change of placement of a child in need of services. Head, Houchin
SB 130 Court appointed child advocate immunity. Bohacek, Breaux
SB 135 Department of child services notifications for schools. Bohacek, Zay, Houchin
SB 139 Investigation of overdose deaths. Merritt, Charbonneau, Ruckelshaus
SB 143 Study of student performance grades. Leising, Kruse
SB 152 Survivor health coverage. Crider, Alting
SB 166 Reporting on worker misclassification. Niezgodski, Kruse, Walker
SB 180 Uniform business organizations. Bray, Freeman
SB 184 Maximum number of foster children. Zay, Ford, Bohacek
SB 187 Child care. Holdman, Houchin
SB 197 Various property issues. Doriot, Walker
SB 211 Jail commissary fund. Brown, Buck, Smith
SB 221 INSPECT program. Houchin, Charbonneau, Zakas
SB 232 Access to nutritious food program. Ruckelshaus, Bohacek, Stoops
SB 246 Cemetery maintenance expenses. Koch, Buck
SB 332 Protecting pets in distressed homes. Grooms, Bohacek
SB 354 Freeway school corporations and schools. Kruse, Raatz
SB 360 Perinatal levels of care designation certification. Charbonneau, Becker
SB 376 Unclaimed property. Perfect, Holdman, Bassler
SB 392 Local government matters. Niemeyer, Bohacek