Release Date:
Feb. 5, 2018, 7:49 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
President Pro Tempore State of Indiana Principal Secretary
Rodric Bray 120th General Assembly Jennifer Mertz
Meeting Day-Tuesday Convening Time: 10:30 February 06, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
SB 12 Sex offenders. Bohacek, Houchin
SB 33 Houses of worship and firearms. Sandlin, Tomes
SB 36 NCSL 2020 Legislative Summit. Long, Lanane
SB 43 Racial balance levy and fund. Zay, Brown
SB 46 Alcohol permits for economic development. Sandlin, Alting, Bray
SB 50 Workforce development; career and technical education. Eckerty, Head, Perfect
SB 67 Funding of 911 call centers. Leising, Glick, Doriot
SB 96 Veterans pilot program. Delph, Sandlin, Charbonneau
SB 124 Vending machine sales of food. Holdman, Walker
SB 125 Registration of underground utility excavation contractors. Merritt, Messmer, Delph
SB 161 Spay-neuter grant program. Messmer, Zay
SB 171 Annexation limits. Buck, Bohacek
SB 177 The Indiana high school diploma. Kruse, Raatz
SB 188 Eliminates the consumer fees and settlements fund. Mishler, Bray
SB 190 Health facility certificate of need. Mishler, Charbonneau
SB 208 Physician maintenance of certification. Brown, Charbonneau
SB 213 Property tax exemption for affordable rental housing. Eckerty, Niemeyer
SB 236 Say's Firefly designated as state insect. Alting, Tomes, Becker
SB 238 Office of judicial administration. Bray, Freeman
SB 240 Emotional support animals. Leising, Messmer
SB 242 State and local administration. Holdman
SB 243 Hospital licensing. Charbonneau, Bray
SB 247 Creditors' rights. Koch, Zakas, Young
SB 264 Rape kits. Crider, Head
SB 297 Employability skills curriculum. Raatz, Kruse
SB 303 Various education matters. Raatz, Kruse
SB 347 Bonding procedures. Bassler, Taylor
SB 349 Study of taxes on short term rentals. Tallian, Holdman
SB 353 Study topics. Kruse, Raatz
SB 356 Broadband grants for unserved areas. Houchin, Koch
SB 369 Workers' compensation drug formulary. Head
SB 379 Automatic dialing-announcing devices. Eckerty, Koch
SB 386 Financing of flood control improvements. Ruckelshaus, Charbonneau, Niezgodski
SB 387 Teacher licensing. Zay, Kruse, Raatz
SB 397 Community mental health centers. Boots, Koch
SB 398 Office based opioid treatment programs. Houchin, Crider, Grooms
SB 399 Occupational regulation oversight and review. Holdman, Koch
SB 402 Juvenile reports. Becker, Bray, Houchin
SB 404 Operating while intoxicated. Koch
SB 410 Advanced practice registered nurses. Charbonneau, Brown, Leising
SB 411 Distressed utilities. Koch, Merritt
SB 416 Consumer credit code. Zay, Eckerty
SB 419 Professional and occupational licenses. Doriot, Koch
SB 433 Health care cost and value study. Spartz, Charbonneau, Brown