Release Date:
March 5, 2018, 7:47 p.m.
  Version: 1.0
President Pro Tempore State of Indiana Principal Secretary
David C. Long 120th General Assembly Jennifer Mertz
Meeting Day-Tuesday Convening Time: 11:00 March 06, 2018
Bill name Bill description Authors
SR 29 Urging the legislative council to assign to the appropriate study committee the topic of a direct primary care pilot program for Indiana Medicaid and Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) participants. Koch
SR 31 Urging the Indiana General Assembly to study the impact that pregnant women have on the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). Breaux
SR 32 Urging the legislative council to assign to the appropriate study committee the topic of spousal support and educational support. Delph
SR 39 Urging the Indiana federal congressional delegation to support efforts to modify the U.S. Bankruptcy Code venue requirements. Bray, Koch
SR 43 Urging the legislative council to assign the topic of a comprehensive review of school safety issues. Tomes
HCR 18 Urging INDOT to rename the segment of U.S. Highway 421 from the Jefferson/Ripley County line to the junction of U.S. Highway 421 and SR 62. Merritt, Perfect, Smith
HB 1002 Workforce funding and programs. Eckerty, Mishler, Bassler
HB 1007 Expanding mental health access. Head, Charbonneau, Stoops
HB 1015 Unlawful indemnity agreements. Bray, Tallian, Glick
HB 1056 Innkeepers' taxes and food and beverage taxes. Messmer, Ford, Randolph
HB 1060 Liability for rental car theft. Ruckelshaus, Holdman, Taylor
HB 1065 Broadband grants and high speed Internet service. Houchin, Koch, Merritt
HB 1125 Fire department contracts. Houchin, Koch, Buck
HB 1130 Professional licensing agency matters. Messmer, Randolph
HB 1155 Subdivision drain repair pilot program. Bray, Doriot, Breaux
HB 1173 Trial records. Bohacek, Randolph
HB 1203 Qualified egg banks. Becker, Breaux, Mishler
HB 1214 Low THC hemp extract. Young, Head, Doriot
HB 1228 Data concerning youth in adult court. Head, Bray, Randolph
HB 1242 Resident tuition for serving on the USS Indiana. Grooms, Randolph
HB 1245 Occupational licensing. Boots, Brown, Niezgodski
HB 1256 Various local government matters. Perfect, Grooms, Breaux
HB 1278 Economic improvement districts. Holdman, Doriot, Breaux
HB 1309 Sexual harassment prevention policies. Buck, Becker, Breaux
HB 1315 School corporation financial management. Mishler, Bassler
HB 1316 Sales taxes and tax credits. Holdman
HB 1317 Health matters. Becker, Charbonneau, Grooms
HB 1320 Disposition of tax sale surplus. Niemeyer, Taylor, Randolph
HB 1341 Autonomous vehicles. Crider, Raatz, Melton
HB 1356 Bullying. Kruse, Bassler, Melton
HB 1374 Financing and transportation. Mishler, Holdman, Tallian
HB 1383 Various election law matters. Niemeyer
HB 1399 Elementary school teacher content area licenses. Bassler, Raatz, Houchin
HB 1419 Various alcoholic beverage matters. Alting, Lanane, Randolph
HB 1420 Various education matters. Raatz, Kruse, Leising
HB 1421 School discipline. Kruse, Raatz, Stoops
HB 1426 Education matters. Kruse, Raatz, Melton
SB 74 Controlled substances. Young
SB 75 1977 fund retirement age and benefits study. Ford, Grooms, Sandlin
SB 139 Investigation of overdose deaths. Merritt, Charbonneau, Ruckelshaus
SB 203 Crimes resulting in the loss of a fetus. Freeman, Houchin, Koch
SB 217 Dyslexia. Houchin, Bray, Ford
SB 221 INSPECT program. Houchin, Charbonneau, Zakas
SB 257 Sales tax on software. Holdman, Walker, Charbonneau
SB 262 Veterans matters. Crider, Delph
SB 264 Rape kits. Crider, Head
SB 290 Worker's compensation. Ford, Tallian, Randolph
SB 301 Criminal history checks for home health workers. Raatz, Kruse
SB 341 Incorporation of documents. Holdman, Zay
SB 349 Study of taxes on short term rentals. Tallian, Holdman
SB 353 Study topics. Kruse, Raatz
SB 362 Regulation of water and wastewater systems. Charbonneau, Eckerty, Merritt
SB 369 Workers' compensation drug formulary. Head, Boots, Walker
SB 393 Safety notice of advanced structural buildings. Eckerty, Tomes
SB 410 Advanced practice registered nurses. Charbonneau, Brown, Leising
SB 431 Immunity for reports of suspected abuse or neglect. Brown, Buck
SB 436 Action for contribution by railroad entities. Boots, Holdman