Sen. Erin Houchin


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
SB 12 Unlawful encroachment by a sex offender. Authored Bill
SB 123 Newborn safety devices at fire departments. Authored Bill
SB 128 Change of placement of a child in need of services. Authored Bill
SB 135 Required DCS notifications for schools. Authored Bill
SB 156 Rural utility cooperatives. Authored Bill
SB 187 Child care. Authored Bill
SB 203 Crimes resulting in the loss of a fetus. Authored Bill
SB 217 Dyslexia. Authored Bill
SB 218 Procedures to terminate parental rights. Authored Bill
SB 219 INSPECT program reporting and review. Authored Bill
SB 220 Reading assessments. Authored Bill
SB 221 INSPECT program. Authored Bill
SB 225 Continuing education requirements. Authored Bill
SB 267 School administrator contracts. Authored Bill
SB 299 Study concerning local surcharge on state park fees. Authored Bill
SB 327 Election security. Authored Bill
SB 356 Broadband grants for unserved areas. Authored Bill
SB 357 Involuntary manslaughter and drug dealing. Authored Bill
SB 398 Office based opioid treatment programs. Authored Bill
SB 402 Juvenile reports. Authored Bill
SR 21 Urging the legislative council to assign the topic of autism and public education to the appropriate study committee. Authored Resolution
SB 60 Out of state sex or violent offenders. Co-authored Bill
SB 65 Instruction on human sexuality. Co-authored Bill
SB 68 Internet crimes investigation fund. Co-authored Bill
SB 173 Audit examinations and disclosure requirements. Co-authored Bill
SB 233 Foster parent bill of rights. Co-authored Bill
SB 237 Handgun licensing. Co-authored Bill
SB 264 Rape kits. Co-authored Bill
SB 340 Regulation of abortion. Co-authored Bill
SB 361 Water infrastructure task force. Co-authored Bill
SB 393 Safety notice of advanced structural buildings. Co-authored Bill
SB 428 Department of child services. Co-authored Bill
SCR 8 Congratulating Dr. Linda L. M. Bennett on her retirement from the Presidency of the University of Southern Indiana. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 28 Honoring Ball State University. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 35 Honoring Cynthia Brinker. Co-authored Resolution
SR 1 Honoring Senator Brandt Hershman upon his retirement from the Indiana State Senate. Co-authored Resolution
SR 14 Urging the legislative council to establish a study committee to study issues related to DCS. Co-authored Resolution
SR 18 Honoring foster families for their support in serving and caring for Indiana's most vulnerable children. Co-authored Resolution
HB 1006 Broadening criminal justice treatment options. Sponsored Bill
HB 1065 High speed Internet service. Sponsored Bill
HB 1125 Volunteer fire department contracts. Sponsored Bill
HB 1248 Child safety alerts. Sponsored Bill
HB 1319 Small loans and unsecured consumer installment loans. Sponsored Bill
HB 1359 Drug dealing resulting in death. Sponsored Bill
HB 1399 Elementary school teacher content area licenses. Sponsored Bill
HCR 20 Honoring the Lanesville High School baseball team. Sponsored Resolution
HB 1091 Information for prospective adoptive parent. Co-sponsored Bill
HCR 16 Urging the recognition of January 2018 as Cervical Cancer Screening and Awareness Month. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 25 Honoring Hoosier long term care professionals. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 40 Memorializing Lieutenant Aaron Allan. Co-sponsored Resolution