Rep. Gregory Porter


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
HB 1326 School discipline. Authored Bill
HB 1327 Pest and vector control. Authored Bill
HB 1328 Bail issues. Authored Bill
HB 1356 Bullying. Authored Bill
HB 1357 College remedial education. Authored Bill
HCR 30 Recognizing the 25th anniversary of the Indiana Minority Health Coalition. Authored Resolution
HCR 33 Congratulating WTLC-FM on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its creation. Authored Resolution
HCR 43 Commemorating Frederick Douglass. Authored Resolution
HCR 52 Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Senator Robert Kennedy's speech on April 4, 1968, following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Authored Resolution
HCR 70 Urging the legislative council to assign to the appropriate interim study committee the topic of bias motivated crimes. Authored Resolution
HB 1001 School funding. Co-authored Bill
HB 1017 Newborn screening. Co-authored Bill
HB 1052 Monetary awards for exonerated prisoners. Co-authored Bill
HB 1060 Liability for rental car theft. Co-authored Bill
HB 1078 Property tax relief. Co-authored Bill
HB 1110 Survivor health coverage. Co-authored Bill
HB 1242 Resident tuition for serving on the USS Indiana. Co-authored Bill
HB 1248 Child safety alerts. Co-authored Bill
HB 1257 State use program. Co-authored Bill
HB 1322 Small employer employee assistance program. Co-authored Bill
HB 1323 Heavy equipment rental excise tax. Co-authored Bill
HB 1358 Intersection safety study. Co-authored Bill
HB 1391 Financing of flood control improvements. Co-authored Bill
HB 1421 School discipline. Co-authored Bill
HCR 8 Recognizing the Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame and the 2017 inductees. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 9 Recognizing Indiana's Credit Unions for building a memorial honoring Hoosier veterans. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 11 Honoring Addison Agen. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 25 Honoring Hoosier long term care professionals. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 29 Recognizing Alpha Kappa Alpha Day at the Capitol. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 51 Honoring the Girl Scouts. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 74 Expressing opposition to the federal mandate that the State of Indiana enact and enforce a law requiring revocation of the driver's license of a person upon conviction of any drug offense, and urging Co-authored Resolution
HR 3 Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Co-authored Resolution
HR 13 Celebrating Black History Month. Co-authored Resolution
SB 386 Financing of flood control improvements. Sponsored Bill
SB 62 Hospices and Medicaid. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 124 Vending machine sales of food. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 347 Bonding procedures. Co-sponsored Bill