Rep. Jeff Ellington


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
HB 1102 Telephone solicitation. Authored Bill
HB 1138 Local tax matters. Authored Bill
HB 1139 Building codes. Authored Bill
HB 1289 Local regulation of natural resource development. Authored Bill
HB 1312 Annexation matters. Authored Bill
HB 1001 Education funding. Co-authored Bill
HB 1090 Unclaimed property. Co-authored Bill
HB 1135 Registration of securities. Co-authored Bill
HB 1189 Auto repair claims settlement. Co-authored Bill
HB 1214 CBD oil and industrial hemp. Co-authored Bill
HB 1242 Resident tuition for serving on the USS Indiana. Co-authored Bill
HB 1397 Financial institutions and consumer credit. Co-authored Bill
HCR 11 Honoring Addison Agen. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 45 Honoring volunteer firefighters. Co-authored Resolution
HCR 51 Honoring the Girl Scouts. Co-authored Resolution
SB 9 Residence of individual in state institution. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 376 Unclaimed property. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 377 Small loans. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 419 Ordinances affecting professional licenses. Co-sponsored Bill
SB 420 Credit services organizations. Co-sponsored Bill