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21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force

Committee Information


IC 2-5-45


December 2, 2020
Agenda for Aug. 26, 2019 10:00am House Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 Task Force Membership PDF icon
2 Indiana Energy Association Testimony PDF icon
3 Indiana Municipal Power Agency Presentation PDF icon
4 Indiana Electric Cooperatives Testimony (John Gasstrom) PDF icon
5 Indiana Electric Cooperatives Testimony (Rob Horton) PDF icon
6 Indiana Coal Council Testimony PDF icon
7 Advanced Energy Economy Testimony PDF icon
8 Advanced Energy Economy Handout PDF icon
9 EDP Renewables Testimony PDF icon
10 Clean Grid Alliance Notes PDF icon
11 Indiana Petroleum Council Testimony PDF icon
12 INDIEC Testimony PDF icon
13 Indiana Chamber Handout PDF icon
14 NAACP Testimony PDF icon
15 IURC Testimony; Chairman Huston PDF icon
16 IURC Testimony; Commissioners Freeman and Ober PDF icon
17 FERC and NERC Presentation PDF icon
18 PJM Interconnection Presentation PDF icon
19 MISO Presentation PDF icon