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IC 2-5-1.1


Agenda for May 13, 2020 01:30pm Virtual Room 1
Exhibit Description
1 Ratification of Electronic Meeting (LC Resolution 20-01) PDF icon
2 Cancellation of Technical Session Day PDF icon
3 Interim Study Committee Topics (LC Resolution 20-02) PDF icon
4 Adopted Version LC Resolution 20-02 Study Topics PDF icon
5 Interim Study Committee Policies (LC Resolution 20-03) PDF icon
6 Authorization of Membership Dues (LC Resolution 20-04) PDF icon
7 Cancellation of 2020 NCSL Legislative Summit PDF icon
8 Joint Order Cancelling Technical Session Day PDF icon
9 Motion 1: DWD Presentation PDF icon
10 Motion 2: Legislative Continuity Committee PDF icon
11 Motion 3: Confidentiality Determinations PDF icon
12 Motion 4: Policies for Electronic Meetings PDF icon
13 Motion 5: Study of Healthcare Disparities PDF icon
14 Notice Cancellation 2020 NCSL Legislative Summit PDF icon
15 Additional Study Topic Disparity Minority Health Care and Outcomes PDF icon