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Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code

Committee Information


IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Sept. 20, 2022 10:30am House Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 Courtney Curtis Presentation (IPAC) PDF icon
2 River City Exile Gun Program Handout, Tanesha King PDF icon
3 Written testimony, JauNae Hanger (CPLI) PDF icon
4 Positive School Discipline Institute Brochure, JauNae Hanger (CPLI) PDF icon
5 2022 Positive School Discipline Institute Overview Handout, JauNae Hanger (CPLI) PDF icon
6 Mary Kay Hudson Presentation (IOCS) PDF icon
7 Indiana pretrial directory handout, Mary Kay Hudson (IOCS) PDF icon
8 Indiana pretrial research summary handout, Mary Kay Hudson (IOCS) PDF icon
9 "Connecting justice partners to improve criminal history records" article, Mary DePrez (Office of Court Technology) PDF icon
10 DeWees v. State and Pretrial Detention handout, Michael Moore (IPDC) PDF icon
11 Monica Smith Presentation (Vera Institute of Justice) PDF icon
12 Crisis Response Services for People with Mental Illnesses or Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities handout, Vera Institute of Justice PDF icon
13 Successful Pretrial Systems Rely on Supportive Pretrial Services handout, Vera Institute of Justice PDF icon
14 Valparaiso University Social Work Students Presentation PDF icon
15 Christine Daniel Presentation (IDOC) PDF icon
16 Joel Wienke Presentation (IPDC) PDF icon
17 State v. Neukam, Ind. 2022 PDF icon
18 D.P. v. State, Ind. 2020 PDF icon
Agenda for Aug. 30, 2022 10:30am Room 130
Exhibit Description
1 Jay Chaudhary Presentation (Indiana FSSA) PDF icon
2 Bernice Corley Presentation (IPDC) PDF icon
3 Dr. Bree Weaver Presentation PDF icon
4 Dr. Carrie Foote Presentation (HMM) PDF icon
5 Jeremy Turner Presentation (IDOH) PDF icon
6 Letter from Chad Priest (American Red Cross) PDF icon
7 Letter from Melissa Keyes (IDR) PDF icon
8 Letter from Dr. Andreia Alexander (ISMA) PDF icon
9 HB 1032 (2022) PDF icon