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House Bill 1037

House Bill 1037

ARCHIVE (2000)

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DIGEST OF HB1037 (Updated January 25, 2000 4:04 PM - DI 84)

No sales solicitation listing. Requires telephone solicitors doing business in the state of Indiana to register with the office of the attorney general. Provides that a telephone solicitor is not required to register with the attorney general if the telephone solicitor is either registered or exempt from registration under the Securities Exchange Act. Requires the consumer protection division of the office of the attorney general to publish a listing of telephone numbers of persons who do not wish to be solicited by telephone. Establishes a $10 initial listing charge for a person who wishes to be included in the listing and a $5 annual renewal fee. Requires the division to provide, for a fee, the listing to a telephone solicitor upon request. Provides that the fee imposed for the listing may not exceed the division's actual costs in providing the listing to the telephone solicitor. Prohibits a telephone solicitor from calling a number that appears in the quarterly listing published by the division. Requires a telephone solicitor who makes an unsolicited telephone call to state the solicitor's name and business immediately upon telephone contact with a consumer. Establishes other requirements that a telephone solicitor must meet before a contract made under a telephone sales call is valid. Requires the division to notify Indiana residents of the rights and duties created by the division's listing and to provide information about alternative listings or do- not-call services and the costs of those listings or services.
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In Committee - 2nd House
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