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House Bill 1388

House Bill 1388

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Regulation of sports agents. Requires a person who acts as a sports agent within Indiana to hold a sports agent permit issued by the secretary of state. Allows the secretary of state to issue a sports agent permit to a person who meets specified requirements, including the posting of a bond. Provides that acting as a sports agent without a sports agent permit is a Class A misdemeanor. Requires that an agent contract between a sports agent and a student athlete must be in writing, be notarized, and state the applicable fee. Requires a sports agent who enters into an agent contract with a student athlete to notify the student athlete's institution within the time required by the statute criminalizing the failure to disclose recruitment. Requires a student athlete who enters into an agent contract to notify the student athlete's institution within 72 hours after executing the contract and before the student athlete participates in or practices for any intercollegiate athletic competition. Provides that failure of the student athlete to notify the educational institution subjects the student athlete to disciplinary action and civil liability for any harm resulting to the educational institution. Requires a sports agent to establish and maintain business records. Requires the sports agent to allow the secretary of state to inspect the sports agent's business records. Allows a student athlete to rescind an agent contract under certain circumstances. Specifies conditions under which a sports agent permit may be revoked or suspended. Provides causes of action under which an institution of higher learning may recover damages caused by a sports agent or a student athlete, or both.
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In Committee - first House
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