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Joint Resolution 0002

Joint Resolution 0002

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Legislative terms of office. Defines the term of a general assembly for purposes of the Constitution of the State of Indiana. Provides for a term of office for a state senator of six years beginning November 5, 2002. Staggers the terms of senators so that one-third of the senators are elected every two years. Provides that beginning with the general election held November 5, 2002, the term of a state representative is four years. Provides that the general assembly shall reapportion its legislative districts before January 1 of the third year after the year of the federal decennial census. (The Constitution of the State of Indiana currently requires the Indiana general assembly elected during the year in which the federal decennial census is taken to reapportion legislative districts.) This proposed amendment has not been previously agreed to by a general assembly.
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    In Committee - first House
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