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Senate Bill 0187

Senate Bill 0187

ARCHIVE (2000)

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DIGEST OF SB 187 (Updated March 3, 2000 9:43 PM - DI 73)

Provides an exemption from personal property tax for commercial passenger airplanes located in St. Joseph County or Allen County for maintenance. Increases the acreage of property that may be exempt from 50 to 200 acres if it is owned by a 4-H association. Provides that, in St. Joseph County, a designating body may, before September 1, 2000, approve a property tax abatement deduction for the redevelopment or rehabilitation of real property consisting of residential facilities that are located in unincorporated areas of the county if the designating body makes a finding that the facilities are needed to serve disabled persons or elderly persons who are predominately low-income or moderate-income, or both. Provides that the designating body may adopt an ordinance approving such a deduction only one time. Provides local designating bodies the option of allowing new manufacturing equipment to be moved without losing the assessed value deduction. Specifies that the provision limiting a property tax abatement for new manufacturing equipment to the extent that it would cause the assessed value of all personal property of the owner in the taxing district in which the equipment is located to be less than the assessed value of all personal property of the owner in that taxing district in the immediately preceding year does not apply to new manufacturing equipment located in a particular township if the total original cost of all new manufacturing equipment placed into service by the owner during the preceding 60 months exceeds $50,000,000, and if the economic revitalization area in which the new manufacturing equipment was installed was approved by the designating body before September 1, 1994. Grandfathers in the abatement of property taxes in a consolidated city if the property owner and city complete all required procedures before July 1, 2000 (retroactive to 1997). Requires a commitment by a business receiving T-2000 training assistance to continue operations at any site where the training assistance is used for at least five years after the date the training assistance expires. Provides that if a business fails to comply with this commitment, the department shall require he business to repay the training assistance provided to it under this chapter. Requires the department of commerce to establish a public information page on its current Internet site on the world wide web to provide information on incentives awarded.
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