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Senate Bill 0199

Senate Bill 0199

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Youthful offender system program. Establishes the youthful offender system (YOS) program within the department of correction to allow for placement of youthful offenders in a regimented environment that assists in developing certain skills and values in an effort to deter the offender from becoming a repeat or more serious offender. Applies to offenders who are less than 19 years of age and commit a Class C or Class D felony. Provides that the YOS program consists of the following phases: (1) The intake, diagnostic, and orientation phase, which is based in part upon the traditional paramilitary boot camp. (2) Phase I, which takes place at a secure facility for a period of eight to 48 months, during which time the offender participates in diverse and individually tailored programs ranging from educational to behavioral in nature. (3) Phase II, which consists of a three month confinement to a residential facility. (4) Phase III, which consists of a period of community supervision. Allows a court to place a youthful offender in the YOS program for at least two but not more than six years. Requires the department of correction to collect certain data to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Makes certain other changes relating to the YOS program.
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    In Committee - first House
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