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Senate Bill 0306

Senate Bill 0306

ARCHIVE (2000)

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Employee lunch and rest breaks. Requires an employer to give an employee a lunch period of at least 30 minutes if the employee is scheduled to be on duty for six hours or more. Provides that if an employee works more than 12 consecutive hours, the employee must be given the opportunity for another lunch break. Requires an employer to provide a paid rest break of ten minutes to an employee who has been on duty for two or more continuous hours. Provides that the rest and lunch break requirements do not apply when the employer has only one employee on duty during specified periods. Specifies that the terms of a negotiated collective bargaining agreement, settlement agreement, or bona fide agreement between an employee and employer are not affected. Provides that a violation is a Class C infraction and that each time a person is in violation the person commits a separate infraction.
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    In Committee - first House
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